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Black Canary

batgirl-stephanie brown

emma frost- white queen

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These aren't necessarily my favorites, just a few well-designed looks off the top of my head:

Orange Lantern Lex Luthor: I really like this mix of the orange colors and design sense with Luthor's traditional powered armor. While the other Lantern ring-costume mixes during Blackest Night came off a little odd (I liked Mera and Scarecrow's looks, but the rest looked a little off), I dug this outfit the most. I guess after seeing Luthor in green/purple for so long, orange is a surprisingly nice color that makes him pop.

New X-Men Emma Frost: I know many have polarizing opinions on Frank Quitely's New X-Men designs, but I really like them. Particularly Emma Frost and her X made of flesh. It's kinky, and just the sort of revealing fashion that Emma would rock.

Ultimate Captain America: I love the Ultimates costumes on a whole, but Hitch's best is still the Ultimate Cap look - a streamlined modern version of the classic red, white, and blue with the more superheroic elements removed for a more militaristic look. The boots and piping really sell this as a more grounded costume:

Iron Man Pentagon Armor: Till date, this is still my favorite Iron Man armor. The Extremis is nice, but a little feminine with the rounded edges, I find. Bleeding Edge looks odd, and the present armor is ugly. I do like the classic look though. But this is still my favorite - as I find it's just the right blend of old and new. It has the sharper more realistic angles that mark most modern armors, but just enough superheroic elements to offset the grounded aspect (the chestpiece reminds me of the 2000s armor, the belt etc)

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idk those are the few I could come up with, new 52 brought some cool costume designs and some dumb ones.

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Guy Gardner.

Booster Gold.

Iron Man.


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My favorite is Doctor Doom, but so many more are great.

Doctor Doom in Winter Soldier #3

Black Bolt is another favorite.

Black Bolt

Spidey and Deadpool are my favorite street-level costumes. They're basically a tie.

Deadpool and Spider-man

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Tim Drake's New 52 outfit is pretty cool

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The various green hornets.

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@ciriel: Better than the old one, that's for sure.

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Nightwing's New 52 costume, Deadpool's Marvel NOW costume,

Batman's New 52 costume,

And all the Talon costumes look awesome.

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just dripping in awesome

why didnt they use THIS costume for the man of steel movie??? the one they're using sucks

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Greaser Batman Blue Lantern Flash

Hawkeye Future Foundation Spiderman

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This one; it's fabulous!

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Tim's Red Robin costume is definitely one of my favorite costumes. The way it makes him look more mature, and the way it makes him look more like Bruce is just awesome. I miss it!

I've always been a big fan of Doctor Fate's costume as well. I like that it hasn't changed too much (except for in a few rare cases), and it just looks super BA in my opinion.

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This didn't even make it off the front page, or at least the art in the series was terrible but basically the Punisher would really benefit from a Snake Eyes-style cyber ninja sorta makeover!

The 'Fear Itself' Asgardian forged powerup suits were all pretty awesome but Iron Man looking like a Destroyer and Wolverine looking like an amalgam of Dan Ketch Ghostrider and his motorcycle was just beasty!

Antivenom was my favourite symbiote of all the Venoms. Just something awesome about an antihero being the creepiest bastard ever... however, if this happened to Punisher and Deadpool...

I dont care how cack the series might be, it just looks awesome!

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The Samaritans look is so classy. Clean Look.


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Hellboy's is nice, simple and effective.

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Retro awesomeness goes to this Iron Man suit

But if I'm going on practicality (what I feel like I would want to wear if I were a superhero and what would make the most sense) then I have to go with Nightwing's uniform. I mean you wouldn't want a cape because its not realistically practical. Just an armored spandex suit that you can be stealth, sleek and move around in with ease.

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My favorites:

Flash Thompson Venom


Black suit Spider-Man actually, any Spider-Man costume

Nightwing pre-new 52

Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)

Robin (Damian Wayne)

Robin (New 52 Jason Todd)