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Bendis has said in a few interviews now that Daredevil: End of Days is in canon, it may be in the future but this IS how DD dies. At one point at the start of issue one Phil Urich states that he has reported everything that's ever happened to New York and then goes on to name them.

  • the Kree-Skrull War
  • the Avengers Disassembling
  • House of M
  • the Civil War
  • Xavier's Rebellion
  • the Baxter Building Murders

Now my question is, is Marvel teasing future events? Is Xavier's rebellion A Vs X or will Pro X be coming back and leading some sort of insurrection? Also the Baxter Building Murders, does that imply one of the FF is a murderer or that the team it's self will be murdered?

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Yeah.I was also suprised by some stuff that happened in Daredevil:End of Days.

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I refuse to believe any future story is cannon even if a writer comes along and says it is simple because down the road stories will evolve making that impossible. 
Like 5 years from now some witter says hey wouldn't it be a good idea to kill off Phi. 
Also some new writer comes a long decide they want to rights a new future for Daredevil.

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@TDK_1997: I'm just wondering if these are throw away lines or are these actual planed events

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I was wondering the same thing. They may be teasing future events, but they it could be nothing real as well. Stuff that sounds like real events but doesn't necessarily happen, like in Justice League of America #0, with Hal Jordan's wedding, Batman's (real) death and other stuff that never happened (except for Jonathan Kent's death).

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It's probably how HE would like Daredevil to die.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: The Baxter Building, after years of experiments inside it, gains sentience like The Danger Room at the X-Men Mansion did. Baxter, the homocidal building, begins killing people at night whilst during the day, rests as the perfect cover; the HQ of the FF! He racks up quite a body count before the FF have to fight their house!

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@Sufferthorn: No it's been said in interviews that it is canon anyway thats not the main question

@batkevin74: Fan Fic GO!

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@Jonny_Anonymous: I think that there's a big chance for Marvel just throwing these things just for us to be thriled and for them to never happen.

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@TDK_1997: Well they all have happened so far except for the last two so if we actually get an Ultron War at some point then I'll be inclined to believe murders will be going down in the Baxter Building

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Maybe I will :)