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I'm a major in Graphic Design, and I was given an assignment to design the front, side, and back covers of a book with a topic of my choice, so decided to make it a graphic novel of one of my favorite characters, The Batman. We should do something original, without using an already existing cover, so I went with a prequel to Frank Miller's classic story, The Dark Knight Returns, telling the detailed story of how Batman retires. Obviously, I'm not going to write the book, but this is simply the cover of a fictional story. So here is what I came up with, I would love to know what fellow comic book fans think, and any suggestions will be appreciated. The front cover is on the right side, and the back cover in on the left side.

Note: I am not getting paid for this, it is simply a school project.

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I don't know if the new graphic novels do this, but the old ones gave suggestions to what you could read by the writer/artist, maybe there should be suggestions for both Dark Returns and Dark Knight Strikes Again. The barcode also look wrong. There is no price tag and it seems to be too short and too high, ISBN number on the right and dccomics.com tag on the left is missing. Anyway smaller things the overall design is IMO good. I don't know anything about design so my opinion is in no way professional.

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I like it. looks professional.

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@tupiaz: The Barcode isn't that big of a deal, but I could fix it. Thank for the tip.

@MrShway88: Thanks!

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I don't like how there are both bats and the bat signal in the sky. I'd personally say to go with one or the other, leaning more towards getting rid of the bat signal.

EDIT: little ol' me only focusing on the negatives and not on the positives... To be honest, it does look very professional. Try uploading a better resolution file next time I suppose.