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I saw that there was a mild interest for this television series on the forums so I figured why not have a discussion thread, hopefully it doesn't end up like Heroes and we'll be watching this for a long time. because so far it's pretty fascinating. 

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@Vance Astro: I think its a great show. The reason I really like it is because it truly does have characters with unique personalities and flaws. I'm liking the development of the characters as the show progresses too. I just wish there would be more focus on the experimentation because they kind of gloss over it. That seems like it should be a bigger issue then it is treated as by the show. I guess they have to progress with the Stanton Parish, which is also to me a great villian that seems like a more complex villian then you typically get in t.v. shows.

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It's the best thing to come out of syfy since Stargate.

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