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This week marks the first week of comics for 2012. Just last week we took a look back at the comics of 2011 and shared our thoughts over the moments we enjoyed (or at least the ones that really stuck in our memories by the last week of the year). As we look forward, there are some exciting new series on the horizon along with many returning favorites that still put us on the verge of squealing

We rallied up the Comic Vine troops and each came up with two comics we're looking forward to. It wasn't an easy task. Some of us had the same picks and being forced to narrow it down to only two each was almost heartbreaking when that really good #3 has to be shoved aside.

== TEASER ==

Tony's Picks

BATMAN by Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo

I may have mentioned once or twice (or fifty times) how much I love this book. It's not a 'new' book for 2012 but has been making Batman more fun that ever. If you've ever read Scott's Bat-books or heard him talk about Batman, you know how much he gets the character and how passionate he is about writing him. Capullo is a beast when it comes to drawing Batman's adventure.

As much as these guys dig Batman, they've really been giving him a beat down in the current issues. This isn't to say that they have it out for Batman, they're simply doing what few would be willing do (and do well). Showing that Batman can be wrong about something and may not always win each battle is setting him up for an even bigger story. With Snyder, you never know what's going to happen next and that's what makes reading this Batman series so exciting.

WINTER SOLDIER by Brubaker, Guice & Bettie Breitweiser

We can all agree (or should all agree) that Ed Brubaker has been nailing it with his work on CAPTAIN AMERICA. I've always been a huge Cap fan and while I wasn't happy when the series was relaunched (again) with a new #1 in 2004, what Brubaker did knocked my socks off.

The resurrection of Bucky Barnes was thought to be something that could and should never be done. He was up there, along with Uncle Ben, as a character that should never be brought back from the dead. Yet Brubaker did it so successfully. Continuing the story Brubaker started in CAPTAIN AMERICA #619, we are about to embark on some major Marvel Universe espionage butt kicking. Add the fact that Butch Guice is doing the art and Bettie Breitweiser is doing the colors and a cool sounding comic managed to get even cooler.

Sara's Picks

WONDER WOMAN by Brian Azzarello & Cliff Chiang

While not everyone was thrilled over the idea of Brian Azzarello giving Wonder Woman a father (Zeus), most can agree that this change will lead to all-new stories featuring DC’s most recognizable female character. I don’t know about you, but the current Wonder Woman book is better than any we’ve had in quite some time, and it is great to see a new take on a classic character.

According to the books that have already been solicited (through March), it appears that Diana will be encountering many new faces in her series (Poseidon and Zeus, himself). In fact, by the series’ seventh issue she will be venturing into the depths of Hell to meet Hades. It will be interesting to see what direction the book moves in, how much of her new father-figure will influence her character and its one series I am definitely looking forward to.

Avengers Vs. X-Men

The upcoming event that Marvel claims will shake up their entire universe might actually do exactly that. Now, normally I am not such a fan of big Marvel comics events, but this one strikes me as being a little bit different than the events we’ve seen lately (namely, Fear Itself). Reason being that this clash between the Avengers and the X-Men isn’t just one that fans have been hopefully anticipating since the inception of these characters, but also because this battle has been a long time coming.

What will the clash between Avenger and X-Man be like, and will there be a winner? Not only is it exciting to see this battle take place, but it’s great to see Marvel incorporate some serious heavy hitters into the story as well, integrating the return of Scarlet Witch, Doctor Doom and the change up of putting some X-Men on the Avengers team (Storm and Wolverine) what will happen next? The first issue of AVENGERS VS X-MEN launches in April, 2012.

Norm's Picks

SAGA by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

While the series was announced at this past year’s Comic-Con, it feels like we’ve been waiting a lot longer for Brian K. Vaughan’s SAGA--his first ongoing comic since his beloved Y: THE LAST MAN and EX MACHINA titles concluded years ago. Vaughn has since been working in Hollywood--he wrote one of the best episodes of Lost in its fifth season--but has long stated that he prefers the monthly comic format for serial storytelling.

From early descriptions, SAGA looks to live up to its name too, as it’s a sci-fi tale of a family making its way through a seemingly never-ending war. The series is co-created and drawn by Fiona Staples, and will be published by creator-friendly Image.

THE AVENGERS by Brian Michael Bendis

It’s almost impossible to disassociate Brian Michael Bendis and The Avengers. His overhaul of Marvel’s premier super team almost a decade ago tipped the dominoes in a massive chain reaction of mega events that has since defined the Marvel universe. And after writing almost 200 issues (split between the various Avengers titles), the prolific writer is finally turning in his Avengers card in 2012 (with rumors that he may go on to shake up the X-books).

Although we’ll miss Bendis’s distinct voice on the Avengers, we’ve likely seen all the story seeds he planted early in his run come to fruition (Fear Itself already being a bit of a stretch as an event “years in the making”). Marvel’s POINT ONE comic indicated that his final arc may tie up the potential-future Ultron War we’ve seen bits of over the past year, and we just can’t wait to see how it all ends.

Mat's Picks

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA by James Robinson & Nicola Scott

JSA is hands down my favorite super-hero team, so the cancellation of their book was a punch in the gut to me, when the new 52 was announced. However, back in August, at Fan Expo Canada, DC confirmed that James Robinson will write a new Earth-2 JSA book with Nicola Scott on art. Robinson is no stranger to the JSA having written STARMAN, JSA, and ALL STAR COMICS.

Nicola Scott, on the other hand, has never really dealt with these characters, but I loved her work on the last volume of SECRET SIX. It will be great to see Earth-2 and JSA get some love since MISTER TERRIFIC is not doing either justice, and frankly, I'll kill for anyone to put Alan Scott in his original costume after Marc Guggenheim crippled him and made him into one giant, dumb lantern. Having Robinson and Scott together on this book is a bonus for any JSA fan.

SECRET AVENGERS by Rick Remender & Gabriel Hardman

This is a book that I believe never had the chance to reach it's full potential because of the creative team changes. In just 21 issues, the book has gone through Brubaker, Spencer, and Ellis. Each storyline, from each writer was vastly different, and the audience never got a real feel for what this team was supposed to be doing. There were some great ideas planted, but overall, this book has been a mish-mash. Luckily, Rick Remender is taking the reigns as writer and although I was disappointed at first, since Ellis is stepping down, this is going to be a great move.

Remender is currently writing VENOM, which is a covert-op book, and a darn good one at that, so I think, as long as he stays with the book longer than 5-6 issues, he'll be able to mold this into the covert-op epic this book was supposed to be. While I'm a bit bummed the team is losing Steve Rogers, I think Remender's addition of Venom, Hawkeye, and Captain Britain is really going to help stabilize this as a great team and a great book.

Matt's Picks

THE MASSIVE by Brian Wood & Kristian Donaldson

Brian Wood’s “stylistic follow-up” to DMZ has me excited due to the concept alone: environmental activists wonder where their lives are headed after an unprecedented natural disaster. After DMZ’s conclusion this month, I think THE MASSIVE will fill the lack of “What if?” scenarios in my life.

Oil rigs, personal drama and the great characters that Wood is known for: this is a great formula for a good book, and I can’t be more excited.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN by Brian Wood & Becky Cloonan

Conan has been one of those properties that I’ve never been attracted to; I consider it very “hard fantasy”, and like A Song of Ice and Fire, it’s a bit intimidating to get into. However, if there’s one team that can make me interested, it’s Becky Cloonan and Brian Wood. The team has worked together extensively in the past, especially on DEMO; their stories are lovely, and the art is amazing. This is one to watch.

Corey's Picks

BATWOMAN by J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman

When I first saw the New 52 line-up, something that jumped out at me was “redundancy.” Three GL books, two Justice League books, two Superman books, and five or six Batman titles not even COUNTING the Bat-family titles. And out of all the titles I could’ve expected to absolutely floor me, this would’ve been low on the list. Then it came out and holy turnarounds, Batman! It’s incredible. The art is worlds beyond anything one usually sees in superhero books, the tone is a pitch-perfect blend of horror, mystery and action, and the woman at the center of it feels real.

When she first debuted in 52, Batwoman seemed like a publicity stunt. DC got to make headlines and she was quickly shuffled off in a couple of issues, but apparently they weren’t done. After Rucka’s great run, we come to J.H. Williams who has SOMEhow managed to juggle all this suspense and horror with some warm, human moments at the center of it. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

VENOM by Rick Remender & Lan Medina

I wrestled with what to put here, but there’s no single book that I look forward to reading more every month than this one. Maybe it’s because I was lucky enough to get in on the ground floor, but I have absolutely adored everything this book has put down. And now with images like the Circle of Four bringing in Red Hulk, X-23, and Ghost Rider into the fold, I see no reason to not be practically giddy trying to parse out what Rick Remender has in store for our favorite symbiote-slinging soldier.

The confirmation of Lan Medina doing the art is just more reason to salivate over what’s coming next, but much like Batwoman, this is as much overcoming expectation as it is quality writing and art. If you’d told me five years ago that I’d not only be reading a quality Venom comic, but that I’d be salivating in anticipation for every new issue, I’d have helped escort you back to the insane asylum you clearly escaped from, and so I must tip my hat to this truly amazing book.

There are the picks we deliberated over. What comics are you looking forward to this year?

#1 Posted by jhazzroucher (19828 posts) - - Show Bio

no Batgirl??

#2 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29887 posts) - - Show Bio

Obligatory "Dude, of course Venom's awesome" post.

#3 Posted by No_Name_ (16193 posts) - - Show Bio

@jhazzroucher said:

no Batgirl??

Batgirl's not really...good

#4 Posted by jhazzroucher (19828 posts) - - Show Bio

@Babs said:

@jhazzroucher said:

no Batgirl??

Batgirl's not really...good

i see. I thought Batgirl's ongoing comics is good since it is selling well.

#5 Posted by leokearon (1960 posts) - - Show Bio

Transformers Regeneration One by Furman and Wildman

#6 Posted by ColonelRunAway (380 posts) - - Show Bio

Between Yost bringing in Kaine as the new Scarlet Spider and Vaughan coming back to comics with a space opera, I really don't know what more I could ask for this year.

#7 Posted by Powerzone789 (481 posts) - - Show Bio

personaly im looking forward to avengers vs x-men and the age of apocalypse ongoing....

#8 Posted by TheMinister707 (129 posts) - - Show Bio
#9 Posted by shawn87 (2798 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm really looking forward to Saga. Curious to see Brian K. Vaughan's return to comics. Should be great.  
Of course Batman will remain one of my top current on-going series. Winter Soldier should be good as well. 

#10 Posted by redhoodx (127 posts) - - Show Bio

For me it's got to be Red hood and the outlaws, catwoman, aquaman, teenage mutant ninja turtles, and batwoman in that order. I really dislike marvel, to many events. How many times are they going to kill jean grey until she stays dead. And I want mary jane back, screw soul selling peter parker.

#11 Posted by jhazzroucher (19828 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm also looking forward to the X-men vs Avengers issue. Who knows? Squirrel Girl might be the new Phoenix host? : )

#12 Posted by Mercy_ (93763 posts) - - Show Bio

@jhazzroucher said:

@Babs said:

@jhazzroucher said:

no Batgirl??

Batgirl's not really...good

i see. I thought Batgirl's ongoing comics is good since it is selling well.

Batgirl is okay. It's not where it should be and it's not up to par with Gail's usual, IMO.

#13 Posted by Nudeviking (485 posts) - - Show Bio

Uncanny X-Force and Batwoman are the ongoing series I'm looking forward to the most. These books both quickly became books I loved and hated at the same time. I loved the artwork and the stories they told, but hated that each page I read brought me closer to having to wait another month for a new issue.

I guess for yet to be released stuff the X-Men vs. Avengers books sound like they might be awesome and in some ways more like the Marvel crossover books of yore (ie. not 9,321 different books with a logo of the event stamped on the cover trying to dupe people into buying stuff).

#14 Posted by Nudeviking (485 posts) - - Show Bio

@Powerzone789 said:

personaly im looking forward to avengers vs x-men and the age of apocalypse ongoing....

Oh yeah the Age of Apocalypse regular series! How could I forget that?

#15 Posted by Technicolorville (72 posts) - - Show Bio

@jhazzroucher: I also thought Batgirl's comic was good. I enjoy it and see why it's selling well. I however, enjoy Nightwing a bit better.

#16 Posted by Mega_spidey01 (3080 posts) - - Show Bio

looking forward to avengers vs. x-men

#17 Posted by kaelenthebloody (3 posts) - - Show Bio

batman beyond unlimited is the top pick for me

#18 Posted by Technicolorville (72 posts) - - Show Bio


Is "Red Hood And The Outlaws", really a good comic. Haven't read it. I've read "Jonah Hex" DC New 52 title. I grew up watching westerns so, I gravitated to the comic and liked it. Part of what I liked was the narration that Doctor Arkham provides. The other part I liked was the resemblance Jonah Hex had to "Dirty Harry".

#19 Posted by CanucksXVX (57 posts) - - Show Bio

aquaman, flash, justice league, secret avengers, alpha flight(they should make it ongoing), batman, JSA. Im really exccited to see whats happening with beast boy and i want to know if there are any familiar faces in the new team, the kingdom from batwing.

#20 Posted by FNspiderdan (38 posts) - - Show Bio

no ASM or Uncanny Xforce? wish they let u guys pick 3

#21 Posted by collezionistadc (9 posts) - - Show Bio

In Italy, we are changing our DC Publisher... and that's great!

#22 Posted by DarthShap (880 posts) - - Show Bio
While not everyone was thrilled over the idea of Brian Azzarello giving Wonder Woman a father (Zeus), most can agree that this change will lead to all-new stories featuring DC’s most recognizable female character. I don’t know about you, but the current Wonder Woman book is better than any we’ve had in quite some time, and it is great to see a new take on a classic character.

Definitely better but kind of like the JLA, the comparison does not say much. But yes, Odyssey was a mess and the end of Simone's run was disappointing, especially after great arcs such as The Circle or Rise of the Olympians.

However, saying that the big change about her father will lead to all-new stories? On the contrary, I am pretty sure that past the first arc, the only mention we will have is Diana saying "uncle" "aunt" "brother" "sister" or "cousin" at the end of sentences, otherwise arcs would get redundant. She will just go on facing her own pantheon, like she has always done while being a strong independent woman like she has always been, that means hopefully not with daddy issues.

I am a sucker for greek mythology and I am glad Azzarello decided to use it as much as he does here but no, this change alone will not make much of a difference in terms of possibilities. Other than Hera, the gods should not care and neither should Diana. In the end, it just takes away something that was original about Diana and her relationship with her mother.

Azzarello did not like her origin so he changed it. The same way he completely changed the Joker in his graphic novel. The same way he completely changed the Batman-Superman friendship to a more Miller-esque version (not a compliment here) in Luthor and For Tomorrow.

#23 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

::Begins to cheer:: JSA! JSA! JSA!

#24 Posted by Eyz (3187 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice list!

not much "original stuff" though.

I also look forward to the end of "DMZ" and "Sweeth Tooth"!

#25 Posted by RScottH08 (282 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheMinister707 said:

Mark Waid's Daredevil anyone?

Easy yes from from me. Easily the best thing in marvel right now, but thats just my opinion.

#26 Posted by Michiel76 (192 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, no x-books, that's a surprise since my top 2 for this year are X-force and the new Age of apocalypse books.

But i agree for the most part that i'm looking forward to your list too

#27 Posted by SmoothJammin (2479 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman Inc, Batman, Nightwing, Deathstroke.

#28 Posted by sociald1077 (38 posts) - - Show Bio

@Babs said:

@jhazzroucher said:

no Batgirl??

Batgirl's not really...good

When Steph first took over as Batgirl, I was hesitant to say the least. By the time the series ended to make way for the New 52, I thought it was one of the best books DC had. Brian Miller was hitting gold with every issue. He tapped into Stephanie Brown and made her a really fun character.

The DCnU is a sadder place with out Brian Millers Batgirl.

#29 Posted by Miss_Garrick (1761 posts) - - Show Bio

I want Geoff to come back and write JSA again!!!!! 
Although I am very happy with how he made Aquaman cool after so many years.
#30 Posted by BlackArmor (6231 posts) - - Show Bio

@Babs said:

@jhazzroucher said:

no Batgirl??

Batgirl's not really...good


#31 Posted by DATNIGGA (1519 posts) - - Show Bio

carange usa im lookin foward to that one

#32 Edited by DMC (2006 posts) - - Show Bio

1) As someone who's grown weary of Bendis I don't have too much confidence in him hitting it out of the park with Ultron War and I hope that X-Men rumor is just that

2) Though I like the new designs of the gods in Wonder Woman "new faces" wouldn't be the word I use to describe them. But whatever I've jumped ship already

3) Cautious optimism for Avengers vs X-Men and Secret Avengers

4) Winter Soldier ongoing series, 'nuff said ^_^

#33 Posted by MoonKnight91 (10 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman and the secret avengers look promising.

#34 Edited by feargalr (1243 posts) - - Show Bio

@Technicolorville: I think Red Hood is great.. not the best of the new 52, but I would consider it one of the better ones.. a lot of people give out about starfire, namely her massive cleavage.. but Id say give the series a chance, issue 3 is especially good.. but then again Im a new 52 Batgirl fan.. apparently the only one in this thread :S

Gotta be avengers vs xmen for me, I know a lot of people aren't crazy about the events, but I haven't read any of the events from the past few years, because they didn't really seem all that interesting to me... cept schism.. So im super pumped for this.

#35 Posted by BatMark_ (50 posts) - - Show Bio

I just started reading the first few volumes of 100 Bullets, so for me it's gotta be reading that over the next few months....

... And of course Batman, Nightwing, Justice League, The Flash, Aquaman, Action Comics, and Geoff Johns "Batman: Earth One if that's still even being made...

#36 Posted by Mbecks14 (2114 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman Earth One? Justice League?

#37 Posted by Sir_Deadpool (491 posts) - - Show Bio

Uncanny X-Force, Wolverine and the X-Men and Avnegers vs X-Men, willa lso check out JSA and lets see what Justice League brings!

#38 Posted by Cafeterialoca (1581 posts) - - Show Bio

Runaways' arc in Avengers Academy.

Criminally overlooked series.

#40 Posted by Green ankh (1096 posts) - - Show Bio

Batwoman is easily one the best in the New 52.

#41 Posted by CHSPIDEY (11 posts) - - Show Bio

The choices here are awesome (Batman, Avengers vs. X-Men, and Venom being the main ones I like) but a big one that I think is missing is the current run on The Amazing Spider-Man. It's been a while (To my immediate knowledge) that the Sinister Six have been a real threat, and Dan Slott's run on the title is something I look forward to every issue.

#42 Posted by EisforExtinction (2014 posts) - - Show Bio

@Babs said:

@jhazzroucher said:

no Batgirl??

Batgirl's not really...good

ComicsAlliance does a hilarious review of the first issue. They tear it apart.

#43 Posted by kartron (535 posts) - - Show Bio

Agreed Batman and Batwoman are truly awesome.

#44 Posted by Skaddix (3111 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah Pick 3 still good choices I suppose. I read or plan to read 7 of these 12

#45 Posted by Archlord (156 posts) - - Show Bio

Scarlet Witch's return intrigues me.

#46 Posted by Or35ti (1133 posts) - - Show Bio

If I had to pick 2 I'd say The Flash and Stormwatch (I'm interested to see how the characters in Stormwatch are gonna develop). Then there's also Green Lantern, Batman, Action Comics, Justice League, Uncanny X-Men, and Teen Titans I'm excited for :)

#47 Posted by Saren (27517 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes Batwoman yeesssss.

#48 Posted by davelecave (1123 posts) - - Show Bio

@jhazzroucher said:

@Babs said:

@jhazzroucher said:

no Batgirl??

Batgirl's not really...good

i see. I thought Batgirl's ongoing comics is good since it is selling well.

Haha most flawed logic ever.

#49 Posted by WildStyle (337 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm looking forward to a lot this year. But If I only had to pick two, it would be Wolverine And The X-Men and Uncanny X-Force.

And I'm very much looking forward to the Avengers Vs X-Men. This seems a lot of fun. And I could honestly care less about the folks who are already whining about this. Don't read it.

#50 Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k (5458 posts) - - Show Bio

I`m waiting for Daredevil, Jack Kirbys fourth world, Steve Ditko omnibus 2, Seven soldiers of victory written by Grant Morrison, Superman by Morrison, great Donal Duck stories and alot of other stuff.

And maybe Avengers Academy, if I want to spend more money. And Wonder woman written by Azzarello.