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Well it is that time again for another Tribute Thread. This time on one of my favorite Comics Series and Movies. The Terminator! Now I really do not believe I need to give the info on the franchise, if you do not know it, watch Terminator 1 and 2. Great movies and instant classics.

Terminator cannon may seem all over the place, and it kinda is, however both Dynamite and Dark Horse have made a pretty well balance reason as to how all this happens.

It all starts with the Time Machine. When you mess with time, things get screwed up. The whole plot of Terminator is "The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make."

This leads to the alternate futures and time lines.

Proof shows here when a T-800 disappears from the Time Line when it failed a mission. In the alternate Time line this Terminator was never created.

Dudley, a half human and half Terminator, CPU documents and deciphers the changes in the future with that of the establish past. Every battle across time affect the war in the future.

In the Dynamite Comics John destroys Skynet shortly after Terminator 3 Movie. He saves the future and lives in a rebuilt society. Yet he feels the alternate versions of him still waging the wars from various time lines.

Now that is out of the way. On to the Terminators themselves.

T-800 and T-850

The T800 is Sky Nets crowning achievement in Cyborg bada$$ness. The T-800 model proves time and again that even the more advance models of T-1000 and TX can still be brought low to the T-800. The only real noticeable difference of T-800 and T-850 is the Plasma resistance. T-850s were made in response to Plasma Weapons used by the resistance.

What is a T-800?

What he said.


T-800 Strength is over 3 tons for sure.

1) T-850 strength in his arm breaks TX's arm.

2) T-800 flips Car with its grip.

3) T-850 strength holds up with one arm a Nuclear Blast Door and burns out its motor holding it up.

4) T-850 smashes car engine block and car frame.

5-6) T-800 busts from tons of concrete from the middle of a built dam!

7-8) T-800 rips through Elevator Doors and Elevator.

9) T-800 holds down a Helicopter on maximum thrust.

10) T-800 busts through reinforce steel door.

11) T-800 busts through steel prison door.

12) T-800 rips open Armored doors of a Swat Van.

13) T-800 with one hand rips a T-600 in half and carries the top half. Thats half a ton of steel there.

14) T-800 smashes through the joints of another T-800 with a single punch.

15) T-800 smashing T-1000 into solid concrete wall and buckling the wall.

T-1000 is also as strong as a T-800.


Terminator is made from Hyper Alloy Combat Chassis. It has proven to be ungodly durable.

T-800 feats against extreme Force and Pressure.

1-2) T-800s have tons of earth and rock cave in on them, escape through the rubble with ease.

3-4) T-800 free falls from Empire State Building, still going.

5-6) T-800 sunk to bottom of the Pacific, survives ocean pressure and all to walk back a shore.

7-8) T-800s survive crushing Ocean Depths from Sub Dive.

9) T-800 is hit by a easy 40 Ton Semi Truck moving at 50 MPH head on, suffers minor injuries.

10-11) T-800s get hit by a full on Train, ran over, and still going.

12-13) T-800 hit by a Up Armour Swat Team Van moving at highway speeds, no damage.

T-800 feats vs Explosions and Weapon Fire.

1) Tanking a Anti vehicle 203mm Grenade Luncher Round twice with no damage.

2-4) Walk through ground zero of a massive Car Bomb.

5-7) Gets hit by a heavy duty truck, then still going gets hit with a anti tank missile. Terminator is still functioning.

8) Pipe Bomb in it weak joints, still going!

9-10) Hit with a house full of Pipe Bombs, no damage.

11) T-800 rises from a propane truck explosion. Sitting in the driver seat to take the full blast and still going strong.

T-800 feats of Electricity, Acid, Heat, and EMP.

1-3) T-800 survives being submerge in a vat of industrial boiling acid.

4) T-800 tears through electric fence.

5-6) T-800 brushes off electricity of a whole hospitable

7-8) T-800 hit by lightning bolt, operates just fine in seconds.

9-10) T-800 is temporary KOed by a whole city power grid. Never fried any of its circuits and shortly rebooted.

11-12) T-800 hit by a grazing blow of a Electromagnetic Fazer (EMP blast) and is unaffected.

13) T-800 covered in molten steel.

14-15) Hunter Killers with T-800s stand on the edge of a Nuclear Blast, which puts out a powerful EMP, and walk in when the fire settles.

14) Terminators are made to be EMP resistant.

The best way to beat a T-800 is with Plasma Weapons, yet even Plasma Weapons are not fully effective. T-850s are even more resistant to Plasma Weapons.

1) T-800 getting shot by Reese and point blank in the back

2) T-800 takes shots in the back by mini Hunters, and yes Terminator 3-D was cannon as James Cameron who written and directed meant it to be.

3-4) T-850s are T-800s with greater Plasma resistant armor inresponse to the heavy use of Plasma weapons. T-850 here takes Plasma fire from TX that can vaporize the front end of a fire truck.

5) T-800 takes 4 plasma shots of this super plasma pistol before being blown to pieces.

6-7) T-800 takes direct plasma fire from rebels that bounce off his armor.

8-9) T-800 shows incredible durability from Reese's Plasma Rifle, however takes a vehicle mounted Plasma Cannon to blow it to pieces.


Many people believe Terminator is not fast. Untrue.

1-2) T-800 reacts faster than these humans pull a trigger. John was right in front of the gun, and the T-800 got in between them before they could unload.

3) T-800 crashes car and moves so fast that the Police chasing them did not see him escape.

4) T-800 blows away half a squad of Resistance before they reacted.

5) T-800 catches thrown grenade, process the time left on it, where to throw it, and executes this all in a second.

6) Reacts to fast for Bartender to pull trigger.

7) T-800 analyzes the situation, processes various outcomes, picks a response, and blasts the resistance guy in a "Blink of a Eye".

8-11) A T-800 is moving around the area so fast, that Cops and Reporters swore it was a large gang attacking them instead of one machine.

12) T-800 reacts and jumps over ramming car.

13) T-800 with busted legs outpaces the targeting of this Navy Anti Tank prototype robot.


T-800s have detail files on the Human body, as well the quickest and most efficient ways to deal with a Humanoid in close combat.

1-2) T-800 uses Martial arts to take out Humans in one attack.

3-4) T-800 uses restraint techniques to disarm humans.

5) T-800 uses hand to hand to beat back this group of cops while keeping pace with this sprinting woman.

6-8) A T-800 uses close combat to survive a T-Infinity who is vastly superior.

9-11) Same T-800 uses its skill to actually damage the T-Infinity in the first opening moves, cause it to retreat for repairs in the time stream, then return. Then the T-800 manages to hold T-Infinity in place to keep it from outright killing itself.

12-14) T-850 series uses the Close Combat to match a T-X in a brutal hand to hand exchange before being overpowered.


T-800 CPU is its pride and joy. It allows for micro second processing and suplies Terminator with all the combat knowledge it has.

As seen it is located in the skull and surrounded by shock resistant buffers.

It is also learning chip with tons of pre install knowledge and gathers more on its own.

1) Detail Files on the Human Body.

2) A Learning Chip as per the Cannon Theatrical Release. It is constantly learning to be a better machine in its mission.

3) Proves unable to be hacked by TX.

4) Commented by Dudley who is half Terminator that one can only Temporary reprogram a Terminator, not override it or hack it.

5) Scans and points out the most relevant addressees of a phone book.

6) Hacks and obtains information from a government computer shot to hell.

7) Scans and understands the targets weakness.

8) Scans and breaks down how to drive stick shift.

9) Here a T-800 is able to scan and confirmed the tech used in its recent defeat.

10) Confirm face scans from 100s of feet away.

The T-800s also have detail files on themselves and can self repair as well reroute power.

1) T-800 reroutes power source after major damage.

2) T-800 doing minor repairs.

3) T-800 does major repairs with scavenge parts from another T-800.


The T-800 models have very advance scanners. Including X-Ray, Infrared, Nightvision, and more.

1) Using Heat Signatures to find targets.

2) Scanners pick up resistance behind a car.

3) X-Rays through Marcus Cyborg body and at his heart, his weak spot.

4) Scans targets a mile away and deep in a mine shaft with X-Ray scanners.

5) Scans through the door to ambush resistance.

6) Scans target half a mile away in a group of people through a building.

7) Switches to X-Ray.

8) X-Rays through the earth at a grave.

The only hindrance to scanners seems to be vast distances, energy sources, and moving mechanical machinery.

Explains how the resistance can sneak around the battlefield.


T-800s have incredible accuracy as a machine should.

1-2) T-800 with orders of no deaths, fires on the cops with a wild minigun and grenade launcher. He successfully takes out the cop cars while forcing the cops back. All with no deaths, not even accidental ones.

3) T-850 fires off 700+ rounds as its scanners counted, and performs the same feat as the T-800 above.

4) T-800 on motorcycle and air born takes out squads of cops before landing.

5) T-800 predicts the cops movements as he runs along the wall.

6) T-800 saves ammo on Canadian military by killing each one of them with a single shot.

7) T-850 slamming to a stop fires the inaccurate RPG to hit TX's Plasma Gun dead on.

8) T-800 with Buzz Saw Blades takes out 3 bikers speeding away on choppers.

9) T-800 with a single shot takes out a HK out of the sky.

10) T-800 one shots soldiers taking cover and on the move.


Terminator Universe is filled with cool gear and powerful tech.

Plasma Weapons.

1-3) X-90 Phased Plasma Rifle. Ealier Plasma Rifle type and blows of the skull of a T-800 with ease.

4-6) Laser Hand Cannon! This Plasma Laser Gun is handheld and does serious damage.

7) Plasma Rifles, your typical Plasma Rifle can pierce Tank armor with ease.

8) Plasma Mini Gun.

9) 40 Watt Plasma Rifle, the standard weapon for T-800s. Powerful enough to blow a solid concrete pillar to pieces.

T-800s also have access to flight packs.

Pretty useful for mobility issues.

There been time T-800s have shown to have built in and directed EMP.

Accurate EMP pulse that seems to rely on line sight.

Now onto the Battles!


For many battles you can watch the movies. For the Comics there are some good battles.

The T-800 called C890.L, the one in the car, along with another T-800 tries to catch Mary, Dudley, and a nobody scientist.

C890.L uses Stealth, speed, and tactics to kill a whole police precinct. He actually jumps over a ramming car and moved too fast for the cops to keep track of.

C890.L fights a Female T-800. He then repairs himself in a few short months.

C890.L vs Biker Gang after rebuilding itself into combat mode. Impressive showing of accuracy with Saw Blades!

C890.L disposes a Cycle Cop.

C890.L takes on the Cops to acquire Guns for its last mission.

C890.L fights Mary, Dudly, Sloan, and the Swat Teams of LA in one last hooray!

Later on history two T-800s and T-1000 was sent to kill Sarah and John after T-2 movie. Here Sarah and a few friends barely dispose of one T-800.

The Plasma Resistant T-850 of Terminator 3 movie battling the TX in a brutal hand to hand fight.

Two damage T-800s face a top secrete Navy Anti Tank Drone.

Uncle Bob vs a HK. Uncle Bob, a T-800 sent back to protect John Conner much in the same way in T2 movie.

Uncle Bob, battles the super powerful T-Infinity. Think of T-1000 with TX weapons and all around better! As seen is the skill and finesse of the T-800s programmed skill.

Uncle Bob fights T-Infinity again. We see the skill and durability of a T-800 model battling a foe superior in most ways.

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Awesome!!! Judgement Day is one of my most favorite movie. And I like all Terminator movies even the crappy ones to some extent.

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Just added the final touches. For now, done.

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@cadencev2: Very cool. I always liked Terminator and have wanted to get into the comics. I read volume 1 of the Terminator omnibus, what other stories do you recommend.

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T-Infinity is from the Dynamite Comics as the most Advance Terminator in canon. He was made to help clean up the time stream as all the time traveling is, as expected, screwing the future up badly. So he was made to eliminate what is considered pointless events in time. In this case he targets the past 3 movie Terminators and then force to combat Tara Conner who would be Johns new wife as well another T-800 called Uncle Bob.

Temporal Time Travel

This Terminator specialty is he can jump and teleport to different parts of the world and time. He was made to clean up the time stream after all.

T-Infinity is dispatch and able to lock onto locations and time periods via Skynet main HUB.

T-Infinity can use his teleporter to bounce in and out of combat. On top of this ability to limit damage and make space, his time bubble that is created when he teleports doubles as a weapon. As seen his time bubble cuts through Uncle Bobs hand into nothing.

As seen, the bubble is a rip in Space and Time that will vaporize anything in its space.

T-Infinity can also use this Ability to escape any situation in a timely manner.

It also shown twice the ability to transport others through time and space.


T-Infinity has 2 sets of shown Scanners.

1) Scanner that reverses time, a useful tracking tool to see what your target been doing, and where they have been.

2) T-Infinity shows X-Ray and Heat Vision Scanners.

3-4) T-Infinity also has the same Inferred as the T-800s.

Force Field

It can also somehow generate a barrier of some kind to stop incoming range attacks as long as it can see the attack coming.

1-3) All scans of stopping Bullets from Hand Guns to Heavy Machine Guns.

4) Stops Plasma Bolts.

Plasma Weapons

The T-Infinity has a way more advance form of Plasma weaponry than the TX.

1) Plasma Blade cuts through the Plasma Resistant T-850s with ease.

2-3) Plasma Cannon damage output.

4) Plasma Gun made from Liquid Metal arm.

5) Forms Plasma into something of a multi targeting shape and accurately hits all the soldiers in one shot.

6-8) Forms Plasma Gun from either Arm.

9) Forms large Plasma Axe to Slice Humvee in half.

Liquid Metal

Whats more impressive is unlike TX who cannot repair the damage to its weapons or body parts, the T-Infinity is mostly liquid metal with only a solid body frame and head. This makes the Chest, Arms, and Legs appear to be made of Liquid Metal. Also unlike TX or T-1000 this Liquid Metal cannot be used to shape shift for disguises.

1-2) Plasma Gun blown into its Liquid Metal State.

3) Plasma Gun forms from Liquid Metal.


T-Infinity is by far superior in strength to any other Terminator.

1) Walks through Minefield and then Easily Wrecks Car Thick Steel Beams that block the entrance, sending them flying in the air.

2) Nearly flips a ramming Humvee with a slam.


Like T-1000 this Terminator seems to have Liquid Metal Repairing Ability. At the same time is has a core structure that can be destroyed. It can repair the damage in T-1000 fashion. Best way to describe it is where TX was mostly solid Terminator with some Liquid Metal, T-Infinity is mostly Liquid Metal than Terminator.

1-2) T-Infinity gets hit with a direct blast of EMP, this merely makes it unstable and damages some of its current programs. Does not defeat nor shut down the T-Infinity.

3-5) Walks through a Laser Grid twice that slices steel and flesh with ease. Proof of heat resistance.

6-7) Runs through Plasma Rifle fire.

8-10) Survives the Tons of collapse concrete and steel of the subway station with no noticeable damage.

11) Walks through Land Mines with no trouble.

12) Takes a Anti Tank Missile to the back and only lost its Liquid Metal arm.


T-Infinity first mission had it destroy the T-800 101 of the first Terminator Movie. Easy success, then it was given a new immediate target, the T-800 Uncle Bob.

T-Infinity vs Uncle Bob.

T-Infinity finishes Uncle Bob.

After finishing Uncle Bob the T-Infinity goes back to one shot TX and restore some of the Time stream to normal.

T-Infinity takes out a Humvee patrol.

T-Infinity vs a prepped John and his entire Resistance force.

T-Infinity chases after Sarah Conner and then takes out 8 T-850s.

T-Infinity final showdown. At this point T-Infinity main body is heavily damage, its low on power, and still suffering from a fractured programming from the EMP burst. Still too much for the anti tank weapons of the Conner family, that is untill the Dire Wolf Terminator shows up. The Dire Wolf has battled the forces of Early Age Sky Net and Resistance to track down and end the T-Infinity before John uses it against Sky Net.


T-1000 is as most who seen the movies know, a real beast of a machine. Made of Liquid Metal, this machine is every bit as powerful as the T-800 and more durable. As the movie shows the T-1000 also has better personality skills, can adapt easier, and shape shift.


The T-1000 is as every bit as strong as the T-800.

1) T-1000 Strength Manhandles the T-800s.

2) T-1000 Strength casually one handed pushes and pulls a 2 ton Iron Beam with momentum!


Due to it Liquid Metal body the T-1000 durability is nothing short of near invincible.

1) Frozen Solid and then shot to pieces. Reforms shortly after.

2) Repairs Shot Gun holes in seconds.

3) Head Blown in 2, reforms with no problem.

4) Shrugs off shot gun rounds on the run.

5) T-1000 suffers a heavy wreck and then explosion. Comes out of the fire in seconds unscathed.

6) The only way to kill T-1000 was being dropped into a tank of molten steel. Even then it took over 10 seconds before T-1000 succumbed to the damage. Very durable.

7) T-1000 hit full on by a grenade, does not even phase it.


Thanks to its nature, the T-1000 has unique ways of combat and stealth. Hand weapons being one feature.

1) Changes Blades into Pry Tools.

2) Lashes out with multiple Blades.

3-4) Finger Spike attacks.

5) Hand Blade.

6) Crow Bar limbs.

7) Its blades are sharp and strong enough to pin Sarah into a steel beam.

Shape Changing

Forming through any obstacle is a useful feature of T-1000.

1) Forms through the glass of a Helicopter.

2) Passes through bars.

3) Oozes through the holes in the Elevator.

Liquid Metal in Combat and Stealth.

1) Shape Shifts into the Floor and then into the Security Guard. Any living person it samples through physical contact can be added to its shape shifting list.

2) T-1000 does the same thing here again.

3) Uses its Head to grapple T-800 arm.

4) Slams into wall and reverse the front side with the back side.

5) Disarms the T-800 and pulls the weapon through its body.

6) Can multitask by forming more arms, like it does here by driving the copter and reloading.

In the comics a T-1000 showed one other unique attacks. Attacks target from the inside as well outside.

Liquid Metal for the win!


You want the battles? Watch the Terminator 2 Judgement Day film! However I do have some treats for ya.

This battle takes place right after Terminator 2 Movie. This was a official James Cameron tie in story where two T-800s and a T-1000 was sent back to ensure Skynet continued future. Sarah battles a T-800 with help and barely wins. Then she faces T-1000 while being trap by herself. As seen T-1000 was unstoppable until Sarah finds a certain acid that breaks down Metals and then Explodes. How nice :)

In this quick battle a Mass produced T-1002 is sent to battle the new TX Model. The T-1002 shows of the T-1000 series capability in combat as well the various forms it can create to attack. TX shows the only way to beat the T-1000 series is with multiple shots of Plasma.


TX is the one of a kind Terminator that was made to have a better chance of killing targets in the past as well competing with any T-800 series that may be sent to stop it.

Weapon Systems

The TX has various Weapon Systems built into it.

1) TX switches to Flamethrower when its Plasma Cannon was damaged.

2) TX main Weapon is the powerful Plasma Cannon built into its right arm. Powerful enough to send a 800 pound machine flying 100s of feet, or blowing the entire front end of a fire truck into scrap.

3) TX also has a very powerful built in Saw that can cut into Hyper Allow.


TX also has a new feature of hacking any tech run by a computer.

1) Hacks multiple police cars to drive around by remote.

2) Hacks security gate.

3) Hacks Cell Phone and its service to download info.

4) Hacks other Terminator programs.

Shape Changing

TX like T-1000 can use the Liquid Metal skin to assume appearances.

Unlike the T-1000, it does not need physical contact.


Like all Terminators, TX is made of a Hyper Allow.

1) Rammed by speeding truck.

2) Blasted with a grenade launcher and falls down elevator shaft.

3) Arm is hit by a RPG, and it only damages the arm.

4) Axe to the skull with all the strength of the T-850 behind it.

5-6) Major crash and smash damage from 50 tons of smashed crane truck moving at high speeds.


TX is pitted against a T-600, T-100, and then a T-800 to judge its combat performance. We know the last Terminator was a T-800 due to the weakness it had against the Plasma Cannon. This really showcases the TX's agility, balance, and reaction time against the T-1000 series.

TX first big fight was dealing with the T-850 while chasing Conner. Even though T-850 outsmarted it with tactics, there was nothing it could do to put TX down.

TX and T-850 get into a final straight up fight, and it was clear who the superior machine was when it was all said and done. This is a good showing of the combat skill and strength of a TX when compared to the T-800 series.

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T-infinity is added and some edits been done. As well new T-1000 feats.

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EPIC Respect thread CadenceV2.

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Fantastic. A T-800 Terminator is indeed extremely powerful. Many people on comic-vine underestimate the abilities of the T-800 a lot, especially their durability.

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@cadencev2: I like all of your scans. Sadly i cant upload any. Very great details. I always liked the T-800, T-850 and T-1000. The T-1000 did have alot more abiities. Even the T-800 admitted it was more advance than him..... I was suprised i didnt see you post anything for the T-X. I can understand. She was ok, but not as good as the T-800, T-850 or T-1000. Out of all of them.

T-800 kicks the most ass.

I did not Post TX becuase, frankly I hated her. She was clearly Inferior to T-1000 overall. Also I could not find any Dynamite or Dark Horse Comics with her in it.

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what if Cadencev2 was actually the terminator_fan this whole time 0_o

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@russellmania77: That would be funny if he was, but hes not. I knew TERMINATOR_FAN in real life and TERMINATOR_FAN is dead. You know how i know? Cause I killed him. Hehehehahaha

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@cadencev2: i can see why you hated T-X. I did kinda. The T-1000 scared me as a child. The T-X scored a -9 on the intimidation board. Having a hot woman play a villain was stupid.

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I did not Post TX becuase, frankly I hated her. She was clearly Inferior to T-1000 overall. Also I could not find any Dynamite or Dark Horse Comics with her in it.

She one-shotted a T-1002, how could she be inferior to the prototype?

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@sheenlantern: Not to medal, but the T-X was a rip off of the T-1000. She lost her legs after being run over by a helicopter. The T-1000 had his entire body blown into one and came back. You couldnt trap a T-1000 underneath a helicopter. He would of leaked out and put himself back together like nothing ever happened. All it took was a nuclear explosion to kill the T-X. Chances are, the T-1000 would of just reformed.

Because of the T-1000's insane healing factor over the T-X, he is the much better model. If you have a T-1000 coming after you and theres no T-800 to help. You better find you shapeshifting God and start worshipping him. Might be the only luck you'd have.

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@cadencev2 said:

I did not Post TX becuase, frankly I hated her. She was clearly Inferior to T-1000 overall. Also I could not find any Dynamite or Dark Horse Comics with her in it.

She one-shotted a T-1002, how could she be inferior to the prototype?

Gee let me think, Oh yeah, she had a Plasma Weapon and T-1000 was unarmed. Give him a Plasma Gun and see how onesided that fight would have been >_>

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what if Cadencev2 was actually the terminator_fan this whole time 0_o

>_> I kill you.

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@sheenlantern said:

@cadencev2 said:

I did not Post TX becuase, frankly I hated her. She was clearly Inferior to T-1000 overall. Also I could not find any Dynamite or Dark Horse Comics with her in it.

She one-shotted a T-1002, how could she be inferior to the prototype?

Gee let me think, Oh yeah, she had a Plasma Weapon and T-1000 was unarmed. Give him a Plasma Gun and see how onesided that fight would have been >_>

Right, so having inbuilt weapons doesn't make the T-X superior? You think that it's cheating?

Also, even if the 1002 had a plasma weapon, all it woud have done was melt off the T-X's mimetic polyalloy coating and leave it's endoskeleton unharmed.

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@sheenlantern: Not really. TX was easily harmed by by the 3 ton strength of T-800. It would have been decimated by the Plasma Guns most Terminators carried. The point is T-800 is inferior to TX as well, and yet.......

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@cadencev2: If Skynet outfitted the T-850 with plasma-resistant armour, why wouldn't they do the same to the T-X, the model in which they spared no expense?

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@sheenlantern said:

@cadencev2: If Skynet outfitted the T-850 with plasma-resistant armour, why wouldn't they do the same to the T-X, the model in which they spared no expense?

Plasma Resistant is still not proof. T-850s in comics and Games are taken down by Plasma Weapons. Hell, in fact I have scans on me now of T-800 soaking Plasma Fire with little effect :/

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Bumping for Edits and added in TX.

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@cadencev2: Great thread, love it!

You made a very good work here, i really could not imagine terminators had so many feats from comics!

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@pierpat said:

@cadencev2: Great thread, love it!

You made a very good work here, i really could not imagine terminators had so many feats from comics!

Terminator lives on.

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@pokergiest Awesome respect thread. I enjoy reading every bit of it. Can you please do Robocop?

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I'll be back.