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Think about all that's happened in the last ten years, just in comics. Imagine describing these things to your younger self. Off the top of my head, just from Marvel: Annihilation, Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, House of M/Decimation, Schism, AvX, Age of Ultron, and now Infinity, with Avengers extending their reach to other worlds entirely.

So turn the clock's back. Imagine telling your younger self about all these events, from both Marvel and DC. Doesn't even have to be an event really, if you want to tell your younger self about something minor, like Superior Spider-Man, or such. Would the younger you believe it? And if so, how would it effect younger you's reaction to comics? And where do you think the comic universes will be in ten years time?

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Man, if I could go back and have a conversation with my younger self it sure as hell wouldn't be about comics.

On topic. Yes, comics have always been a medium where anything can and will happen. So, my younger self probably wouldn't be that blown away. "One More Day" might make me scratch my head though

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the cinematic universe shift were alot more jaw dropping to me then whats happened in the comics.

i remember reading about the avengers iniative 10 years ago and although being a huge Thor fan, very skeptical. boy was I wrong.

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If someone would have told me they would kill off Peter Parker and put Doc Ock in his body I would have laughed my butt off and called them an idiot.

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I was 5 ten years ago.

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@dm225 said:

If someone would have told me they would kill off Peter Parker and put Doc Ock in his body I would have laughed my butt off and called them an idiot.

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I'd be shocked as hell. But I was also 10 ten years ago so I probably would have cried.

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I'd tell myself to buy Invincible, Walking Dead, and Other comics that came out to be worth $$$.

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I always said that the 2010s are a great time to be a comic fan.

We get an actual hard reboot in the DC Universe, the release of landmark CBMs like Avengers and Man of Steel, lots of status quo changes with Marvel NOW, the reboot of Valiant, the rising popularity of indie titles like Saga, Fatale etc., TV shows like the Walking Dead and Agents.

Years from now, comic-book fans are gonna look back at this era and whether good or bad, there's no denying there's some historic sh*t going down.

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I wasn't properly into comics the way I have been 10 years ago but still I bet my younger self would never have thought that Spider-Man would get taken over by Doc Ock, that Superman would boringly walk across America and that Batman would be 'killed off.' Nonetheless, this has been a major turning point in the history of comic books. Landmark events such as the New 52 and Marvel NOW! have changed the face of current comics for years to come, alternative comic companies have experienced another rise in status, popularity, sales and diversity. Not to mention that in expanded media, the genre is spreading like the effective meme it is into TV and films. The profile of comic books has certainly changed in this past decade.

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@dm225 said:

If someone would have told me they would kill off Peter Parker and put Doc Ock in his body I would have laughed my butt off and called them an idiot.

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I wasn't such a big fan 10 years ago but if I have told myself that Spider-Man would be replaced by Doctor Octopus in his body and everything that has happened in Marvel I would be really surprised and probably would've quit reading their books.

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Wasn't reading comics. Didn't even know how to read.

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@patrat18 said:

@dm225 said:

If someone would have told me they would kill off Peter Parker and put Doc Ock in his body I would have laughed my butt off and called them an idiot.

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@sheenlantern said:

I was 5 ten years ago.

I was 6.

7. And 7 year old me was more concerned with JL(U) than actual comics. I likely wouldn't have cared until I heard that people my age died in comic books

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I was 6, so I probably wouldn't have cared back then.

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Maaan I feel old as hell everytime I come here. I was 20 years old ten years ago. The Ferret, Dinosaurs For Hire, Ultraforce, Nightman..what y'all youngstas know bout dat?!?

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Ten years ago i was just starting into comics :-P

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I was 9.

I didn't get into comics until I was 18 :)

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10 years ago I was 6 ( or, 7 I guess soon)

Have you any F*cking idea how hard it is to explain something to a 6 year old AcidSkull? You have no F*cking Idea. It took my mother 5-6 years to cram the importance of studying into my brain, you expect me to explain something this complicated( yes, complicated) to someone who can't speak properly? yeah, tough luck.

Rotten little twat, Wish I could smack him, me...whatever.

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Ten years ago, I told myself spider-man wouldn't worst than the clone saga....

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I wasn't reading comics ten years ago but its would be cray for me to believe that comicbook movies would have been so big as Batman trilogy the MU and MOS.

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Ten years ago I would never have guessed a comic book would be $3.99.

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If I told my 9 year old self my favorite comic on the stand would be about a cannibal cop and my all time favorite comic character is a british mage bastard I wouldn't believe me.

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Gosh! A lot of teenagers here :) 10 years ago i wasn't much into comics to be truthful, Here's what i remember from 2003: Matrix movies, Kill Bill, Return of the king, Gangs of New York(I'm not certain if this one was out in 2003 though), US space shuttle crashes, Turkey win the eurovison, David Beckham transferred to Real Madrid, Ronaldinho to Barcelona, Abramovich took over Chelsea, I bought a PS2 and many, many other things.