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Thats right


Written by TIM SEELEY



On sale MARCH 26 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T • FINAL ISSUE

Calvin Rose and Anya must defeat Lord Death Man, but there’s another master of death in the mix, the key to LDM’s plans: Dr. Darrk! Will Calvin Rose finally be resurrected, or will the Talon succumb to eternal Death?

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Kinda saw this coming, it's why I didn't add it to my pull, I'm done investing time and money into a title to have it cancelled before issue 20

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that kinda sucks, I wasn't reading it though

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Damn, I just bought the first trade.

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It wasn't Batman enough to survive. :p Seriously though I know people raved about it but I just wasn't into this book all that much. Also even if I was into it the whole Court of Owls thing was tired and overused in the that corner of the DCU. Like many things that become a hit they over use it.

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@voodoopenguin: It's a complete story, James Tynion had a story to tell with the character and he already finished it. Tim Seely was only on board for two issues since the beginning.

That's how minor character's work, they'll replace him with another minor character on the post-Forever Evil launches. Hopefully.

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I was surprised that they even did this title in the first place. So, are we going to have Batman unchained or Superman/Cyborg to replace it?

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I hope they replace this with a worthy title that people will actually buy that isn't Batman or Superman. Somewhat hoping for some sort of Outsiders via Dick leading or Secret Six via Bane (especially after Arkham War)

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@papinacho: That's fine. I have too much to catch up on as it is. It just seems like DC has been canceling titles left and right since New 52.

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@g_leno: Batman Unchained would actually make sense since you know, unlike Superman he could actually be chained.

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I doubt that DC would release a title that made sense! lol.

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I picked up Talon up to issue #9 where it crossovered with Birds of Prey, book just dragged and I got bored, I did enjoy it whilst Snyder's name was on the cover at least.

Excited to see what new title we get in April! Will probably add at least 3 to my pull list!

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NOOOOOOOOO! I loved that book.

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Well damn, DC cancels another book I liked. I could see this one coming though, no support and I think it skipped a month or so between a few issues or maybe I'm tripping. Anyway, sad to see it go hopefully Calvin Rose can appear in another Bat book.

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Really DC? Really?

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TBH I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier. Not knocking the quality of the title or its idea (which I find very interesting), just didn't see it catching on well enough to continue.

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I honestly didn't expect it to last very long.

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I'm sorry, Lord Death Man?! That's actually a name a grown up professional writer came up with for a non parody villain? That sounds like something an 8 year old doodled on scrap paper.

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@joshmightbe: I have actually read the series yet, so I was holding back. Maybe the name actors into something, but either way it comes off as insanely stupid to me.

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@voodoopenguin: I wasn't questioning the Quality, I haven't read any Talon. But that is on par with Arm Fall Off Boy for worst comic names.

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@joshmightbe: I know. I wasn't either. was just saying that maybe how bad the name is is part of the villain.

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@voodoopenguin: If it was a Tick villian it would be fine but for a Bat family villain in a serious arc, just no.

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Well i read up to issue 11, then villains month happened and f4ck3d everything up, how did Bane end up doing in issue 12 and on?

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It was one of the good DC books but I saw this coming.

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Lord Death Man?

I saw this coming, sadly.

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That sucks, my friend got me the PB for my birthday in October. I though it was pretty cool and fun how it was about lot of heists and stuff. Not surprised though, really hate when titles get cancelled :(.

Lamo, Lord Death Man.

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Eh. I'm more broken up about Animal Man. :(

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@bob808 said:

NOOOOOOOOO! I loved that book.

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Oh man! Huge bummer! I just read the first trade a month ago! It was really great! Loved the character and the direction. Diving deeper into the Court was cool. Really sad.