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If the following played in the NFL, could they be tackled (by a reasonable number of players)?  
The question assumes that each player is running down the field after a completed pass, but that the NFL players are able to catch up to them. Also, these individuals must act within the rules of the NFL---no punching, throwing, ripping heads off, etc.---to eliminate the threat of the would-be tacklers. 
A) T-800 
B) Wolverine 
C) Data 
D) Worf 
E) Robocop 
F) Predator 
G) Spider-Man 
H) Hellboy 
I) Master Chief 
J) Conan
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I'll speak for the comic characters. Spiderman - I'd say no. Given his super-human levels of agility, I'd imagine he could hurdle, jump & juke away from any would-be tackler. Wolverine & Hellboy, I'd also say no, but not as sure as I am with Spiderman. They're both very heavy yet more athletic than a normal human of said-weight, and given they are already running they'd have a lot of momentum, but who's to say they can't be tripped up by going below their center of gravity? That'd be the only way they'd go down IMO, otherwise they could just stiff-arm any defenders away (and it would be much more powerful a stiff-arm than any normal person could manage).

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Anyone else?
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Spider-man, no way. Wolverine..doubtful. Not familiar enough with the others, but how big is Predator? IIRC..he'd be awfully tough to bring down.

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I'm sure Worf could be tackled. Klingons are strong, but I'm thinking a few NFL players could tackle one.
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I think all of them could be tackled except spidey, no way anyone even puts a hand on him

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Well wouldn't their Superpowers/armor be considered PEDs making them disqualified?

Anyway. T-800 and Wolverine have to weight like 800 pounds with all that metal so I'd say no one is taking them down.

Same with Robocop and Master Chief with their suits.

Worf was like the worst Klingon fighter ever so I'd say he could be.

I'm tempted to say Data wouldn't stand a chance, but he did have some pretty good superhuman strength, but I think his speed would allow enough people to catch up and take him down.

Hellboy and Conan are pretty damn big too so I'd say probably not.