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If batman Was to gain the power of venom symbiote and was to take down the Avengers one by one with all the prep he needs. Do you think he can pull it off?

Wrong section sorry.

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Avengers in a massive stomp.

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Avengers ftw

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All the prep he needs? I think Batman can do it.

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Bats could most likely do this. Are we talking about the current line up? Just one team of avengers? Or is this every person who has strapped on the A? However, if Bats gets the symbiote in it's 'insane' state it may be difficult and I would say Bats wouldn't be able to make it.

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Batman can take the JLA down. The Avengers with a symbiote and no restrictions? He'd ruin the Avengers so bad they'd rename him Bendis.

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unless he manages to get out of the control of the symb, he has no chance in hell