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Spider's silk is made of Spider web, which is 5x stronger than steel. Superman is the "man of steel" meaning that Spiderman is at the least 5x stronger than Superman. Plus Spider silk is said to be a light weight material giving Spiderman a better lvl of agility than Superman.

- And Superman Pre-Crisis has been stuck in Spider web before and was helpless. So the same should happen here.

PS. - This is a Joke Thread.

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joke thread or not, it is still stupid, not funny and POINTLESS. freaking noobs.

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I only catched the 'this is a joke thread' part at the end of when i typed up this massive response. I even scanned in a comic D:

But in all seriousness, this is pretty pointless and failed to make me laugh when i got it.....-_-

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I came here either expecting witty satire or obvious trolling. You've provided neither. Try again.

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Seems pretty legit

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I think an Epic Fail picture is needed here. Someone please oblige.

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Waiting for someone to mention how Spider-Man always beats Venom and how Venom slapped Superman around in that crossover.