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Picked up Marvel Previews today for May 2013 and saw this:

Superior No More! The hottest comic in comics comes to a turning point that will get you angrier than you were after Spidey #700!

So what do you think is going to happen? Will Sp-Ock really be done with after 9 issues? I never thought it would last, but I was hoping to at least get a year out of it...will it be Parker back in the suit straight away?

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You're reading too much into this imo. I don't know what this could mean but it might be Peter gains more control of his brain so him and Ock alternate control at random moments or on specific days.

I think it'd be pretty cool too see a more physical form of their power struggle and Ock going to crazy lengths and building crazy contraptions to remain dominate. Likely won't happen but it would be cool.

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Oh, it'll last at least a year.  I think that image only shows that they are fighting for control...

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@Manbehindthewires: Doc will find out Peter's 'soul' is still in his body.

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@Franchise1590: was just wondering what it meant when it said it'd get people angrier than they were after asm700...probably just a ploy, but if it isn't...what could possibly upset people more? 
I'd like to see it inside his mind a bit too, mabye chasing and battling each other through their momories...or even through their mental circuitry? 
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My guess: Peter absorbs Doc Ock, getting his skills and access to his memories, but the experience, that no one realized the truth or even suspected, leaves him to abondon being Spider-man.

To wait for Peter-Spidey to come back only to abondon his superhero career would leave others angry. It even says in #10, that Spiderman is "nowhere to be found."

I just he tells MJ what's what and they get back to together.