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I've read a tiny bit about how Supergirl is supposed to be an accomplished martial artist, and I've seen one scan from Screw Attack's Superman/Goku death battle that I think showed Supergirl teaching Clark some Kryptonian martial arts, but I'm curious if anyone has any scans that are definitely of Kara knowing/using/teaching/being taught martial arts? I'm curious about it because it seems like that would make her a better fighter or more powerful than even Superman... And yet I can't find anything very explicit or detailed like "yes, she is a martial artist, here is a demonstration of her kicking *enter character's name*'s butt".

And if she is an accomplished martial artist, why does she seem to fight just like Superman, to use pure power and strength, and basically just wail on opponents until they give up (or go unconscious)?

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didnt she have training with the amazons? im pretty sure she did, pre flashpoint though

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In the Superman Batman books, I believe she was trained by the Amazons. However, she still gets punked by Supes and WW, so I dont believe she is all that skilled. She is likely less skilled than Clark, as he was taught by Batman and showed superiority over the other Kryptonians in the new Krypton arc, up to precision skills with pressure points. Also, he knows the two Kryptonian Martial Arts Disciplines, Torquasm-Rhao and Torquasm-Vo.

She is definitely a less skilled fighter than Diana.