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Suicide Squad is getting more and more push by DC. I can never imagine that DC will push Suicide Squad which a team of bunch of B,C,D list characters. Here is some of Suicide Squad appearance in the media

-Suicide Squad appear in recent DC Animated movie Assault on Arkham

-Suicide Squad is tease in Batman Arkham Origins and Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate

-Suicide Squad have make live action TV appearance in Arrow and Smallville

-Suicide Squad is appear in Justice League Unlimited cartoon in episode Task Force X

What is the future for Suicide Squad, please comment down below

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JLU was a long time ago but still a connection i guess... animated movie is tied into arkham origins game as a sequal and arrow is interesting they even had a voice cameo of harly i think a movie done right would blow all marvel and dc movies that have been done out of the water but no kids could watch it :P

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Compared to Justice League? Not even close. I don't think they ever will be.

But yeah. They're pushing them. It would be cool to see a movie.

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By now I'd say anyone with the slightest knowledge of the DC universe knows the name the Suicide Squad. I've made no secret on this site of my love for the 80's Suicide Squad series. Hands down one of the all time best team books. I've yet to be all that interested in any other run on the title or the team's appearance outside of comics though.

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I love Suicide Squad but I really wish they'd take Harley off. She brings nothing to the team.

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I wouldn't surprised if they spun off a Suicide Squad tv show from Arrow & The Flash. That way if they didn't kill off any of the villains they have a way to bring them back on the shows.

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Well, there is a lot of unnamed films in work at WB...

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Actually it will be cool and awesome if Rocksteady decide to do Suicide Squad video games which is spin off from Batman Arkham ;)

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@johnny_blaze: well besides comics sales...Harley also bring his intelligent in suicide squad if you watch Assault on Arkham animated movie he know all the password to enter arkham assylum. So yeah

Also thanks guys for the comment