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So, recently I started a thread asking for suggestions for comics to add to my pull-list, and I put in the OP that I wasn't that interested in titles outside the big three (DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse). But, when @jonny_anonymous asked my why not? we got into a little discussion and he made me realize how stupid it was to just dismiss a good comic just because it wasn't one of the most popular.

And so, I decided to ask you guys/gals if you had any suggestions for some of the lesser-known comicbook titles.

You've never steered me wrong before.

I was thinking of trying: O-X manowar, or Bloodshot. They both sounded cool.

But, I only have room for one sense I'm already getting a few and I wanted at least one of the lesser-knowns on my pull-list.

Any suggesions would be appreciated. Thanks. :)

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chin music...issue one came out earlier this month.its about 1930 Chicago with the mob and supernatural.

Manhattan project....maybe on issue 12 now so you can pick up the 1st 2 trade.its some Jonathon hickman sci fi craziness.

clone... its about a bunch of clones getting hunted down and killed

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Invincible. Because when asked for a suggestion of comic, I will ALWAYS answer Invincible.

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@jonsmith said:

Invincible. Because when asked for a suggestion of comic, I will ALWAYS answer Invincible.


And X-O Manowar and Bloodshot are solid Valiant choices, although Bloodshot is in a crossover event right now.

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The New Judge Dredd series.

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Most of what Chaos! published was pretty good (sometimes a bit goofy for the dark setting they were trying)

I would especially suggest the early Lady Death stuff

starting with Lady Death: The Reckoning

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TMNT by IDW is an excellent series. Plus, it's starting a new arc with the next issue. Give it a try.

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Atomic Robo, if you like Hellboy, you'll love atomic robo.