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Superman Thor Luke Skywalker Sidious Yoda Hulk Galactus Captain Atom Buu Martian Manhunter Green Lantern (any) Obi-Wan Anakin/Darth Vader

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Strongest Version*

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superman i would say silver age , thor would be rune king, luke would be after return of the jedi when he becomes founder of new jedi order, sidious and yoda both during episode 2 (sidious got scarred by windu , yoda emotionally scarred by order 66), hulk wwh , but im between that and when he was possed by null, galactus just fed and his first year of being created , captain atom in New 52 (he is basically dr manhattan) buu as kid buu his pure evil original form (can be argued that in that form just absorbed one of the supreme kais), idk about MM, as far as GLs go i'd say between kyle as Ion and hal as parallax or spectre (maybe kyle since he is going to master all emotional aspects of the different lanterns corps), obi-wan after he died lol , anakin when he snapped and darth vader i guess during the original trilogy .

now we wait for someone(s) to completely tear me down lol