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Seriously, why do some people think tgat "Character X can kick Character Y's ass, therefore Character X is a better character" Its a confusing and baffling way to look at such a thing. Honestly, the people who think making a character strong means that amounts to their worth as a character must be 13 years old or have the interest of a 13 year old.

Do you, the members of CV see this a lot?

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Its called ABC Logic. Sometimes it does work though.

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@BlackWind: When you say worth do you mean how powerful they are or the character's personality and things like that?

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: @guttridgeb: i Think he meant good character, like personality and fanbase and stuff

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I meant their worth as people, in story. A powerful character can also be a piece of sh*t. Like this:

Rulk by Ed McGuinness

Being powerful shouldn't equate to the character being any good.

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becausesome people are stupid and primal

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

becausesome people are stupid and primal


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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Its called ABC Logic. Sometimes it does work though.

The letter "W" is better then the letter "A" because "W" has has a longer sound.


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There are moments when that character does feats makes amaze what he/she/xe/it did. Some people feel insulted that feat is not acknowledged or pales to the other character, that feat was mistaken, or bad writing took effect. They want to show what they watch/read mean something. Even though there is evidence that prove they are wrong they can’t take it and would deny it. It even worst when it something they would not expect.

I digress it take more power to make good character the flaws help make the character, unless that power has negative that goes by it.

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Sometimes it's true and sometimes it isn't. I'm going to use this as an example purely because I watched it last night for no reason

Remember Garlic Jr? From that really boring DBZ filler? He is immortal and supposedly infinitely strong. But is Garlic Jr. a good character? Absolutely not.

Now Takahashi Song could be beaten by pretty much anyone with powers but that doesn't make her a bad character so it just depends.

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Depends on the context of the story and the purpose of the character, I suppose. Their physical strength shouldn't be the key defining trait of the character, of course, but it can be used to some extent to be the basis of that character's personality, like Kenpachi from Bleach. Due to his strength, he's been given a decent amount of over confidence and a desire to find any excuse that allows him to use that strength, and the story provides ample opportunity to show his character on some deeper level (such as his inability to utilise a Bankai because he can't truly communicate with his sword, so to speak).

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@BlackWind: Hey I'm only 14 and I like to think I think more deeply about the characters I like than that :(

Characters should be compelling and should show diverse enough emotions to be as multi-faceted as possible

'man is not truly one, but truly two' or at least to an extent because otherwise I see them less as a character and more as simply another piece of the plot.

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Well, a lot of people like seeing their favourite characters kicking some bottom (such as myself) and some people just take it too far by only liking powerful characters who always kick bottom. It's like when people only support sports teams that are doing well.