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How long do you like your stories? A one shots, 3-4 comics, 6-12 comics (like Scott Snyder), or the many many years method of Grant Morrison's Batman story?

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It greatly depends on the series and how good the story is.

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I like long arcing stories but you can have short arcs that tell a bigger Uncanny X-Force and the Dark Angel Saga or Y: The Last Man

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I like 6 or 7 issue arcs. Similar to what the Ultimate Universe did.

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A like the stories there are about 6 issues long. Smaller stories connected in a bigger story line is also good since is make a bigger connections flow and better continuity; however few writers can do this.

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@JediXMan said:

It greatly depends on the series and how good the story is.


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I've read some very good one-shots and some very good longer arcs. Epics need to be longer. Hole fillers should be shorter (unless they are epic hole fillers).

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Anything but the many years Morrison method.

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I generally like 5-7 issue arcs, but it varies depending on story.