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I just read an article that Jim Starlin is going to revamp Stormwatch and change them............again..............Not happy about this. Stormwatch has been one of the more solid books that DC has been putting out since the New 52. I've written about them before. How DC used Martian Manhunter on the book and failed, how they don't incorporate them into the DCU more even tho one of the more interesting parts of DC with the New 52 revamp SHOULD have been seeing Stormwatch actually have some guest appearance of the more mainstream characters of DC or even Stormwatch characters show up in other DC books. What we had was a horse headed Red Lantern, The Demon, and Midnighter showing up in Grifter. Who cares if he was in Grifter. They met before. I think Stormwatch fans would want to see Midnighter fight Batman or Deathstroke. Apollo vs Superman or Shazam. Now they're being even having their outfits changed back to what they were in Wildstorm. Dan DiDio is handling them badly and sooner or later it'll get cancelled because of the how bad they are dealing with the title. Someone needs to do something. It's becoming a waist of a good concept and team. No wonder Marvel is starting to crush DC again.

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I am pretty sure the reboots of Stormwatch will continue. The Jim Starlin version don't seem interesting.

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They need to bring us "The Authority", and make them respected by fear or partnership by other super groups like The Lantern Corps and the Justice League.

I still wondering if Stormwatch wonna take some part at the Trinity War.

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@JamDamage: @colonyofcells: @CampodelViolin:

Yes Stormwatch was a good book, but I felt it didn't fit into the overall universe. The problem wasn't just that the book didn't have crossovers, it's that it doesn't have a defined angle. The problem is that it doesn't really fits into the DCnU. The question is what facet of the DCnU does Stormwatch explore? Their stories are good, but they seem out of place and random. For example Justice League Dark specializes in matters dealing with homo-magi and magic in general. The question is what distinguishes the Justice League from Stormwatch? And the answer needs to be more then just that Stormwatch is older and more covert.

I think that the question of how DC's government would respond to superheroes was the elephant in the room for quite some time now. DC has made some attempts to address this, but none of them were as good as what Wildstorm created. I mean this idea that the government would recruit villains via the Suicide Squad seems kind of wonky and unrealistic. Wildstorm had a better structure and catalogue of heroes that could better help answer this question.

When Wildstorm was owned by Image Comics, I always felt that the books had too much bureaucracy. Back when Image Comics owned Wildstorm, Stormwatch used to be run by the United Nations and I think Team 7 was run by I/O aka International Operations, an american intelligence agency who purpose was to monitor superhumans. It actually annoyed me alittle that the books had so much bureaucracy but now that Wildstorm has merged with DC it's perfect because it allowed DC comics to address the question of what the governments response to superheroes be and DC's vigilantes would help balance out this newly merged DCnU universe by diluting the stink of bureaucracy created by Wildstorm. Personally I thought that DC was going to take advantage of Wildstorm's well developed government bureaucracy and make teams like Stormwatch and Team 7 Dc's answer to how the government would respond. Of course DC screws it up, and instead they make them just another cliche superhero team.

If they revamp Stormwatch they need to put them under the control of the government. They also need to weave in more DC characters into the team and they need to put Battalion back in charge.