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I just read an article that Jim Starlin is going to revamp Stormwatch and change them............again..............Not happy about this. Stormwatch has been one of the more solid books that DC has been putting out since the New 52. I've written about them before. How DC used Martian Manhunter on the book and failed, how they don't incorporate them into the DCU more even tho one of the more interesting parts of DC with the New 52 revamp SHOULD have been seeing Stormwatch actually have some guest appearance of the more mainstream characters of DC or even Stormwatch characters show up in other DC books. What we had was a horse headed Red Lantern, The Demon, and Midnighter showing up in Grifter. Who cares if he was in Grifter. They met before. I think Stormwatch fans would want to see Midnighter fight Batman or Deathstroke. Apollo vs Superman or Shazam. Now they're being even having their outfits changed back to what they were in Wildstorm. Dan DiDio is handling them badly and sooner or later it'll get cancelled because of the how bad they are dealing with the title. Someone needs to do something. It's becoming a waist of a good concept and team. No wonder Marvel is starting to crush DC again.