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In the recent issue of Stormwatch a fake Shadow Lord wanted to start a war against the hero community. He showed a picture of Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern. Saying if they took them out the rest would tumble. Noticeably absent was Wonder Woman. Now in the pre 52 I do not believe that would have happened because of the whole trinity they were firm on. 
Has she been replaced? Ignoring the trinity thing do you agree with them leaving her out? What about who they replaced her with? Do you agree with the choice? If she could be replaced could the other two be?

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I agree with it.. Wonder Woman just isn't nearly as relevant as she used to be, it makes sense they would replace her with Green Lantern since he's more popular and ties in more of the DC continuity.

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Stormwatch is so much better than Wonder Woman. I'm glad she was left out. Never was a fan of Wonder Woman.

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Stormwatch besmirches everyone. They already dissed the entire GLC in Stormwatch #9.

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I am not sure why anyone would pay attention to Hal Jordan since Hal is usually in space or busy being dead.

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GL is sometimes boosted to the 3rd slot of the trinity because he sells almost as well as Batman these days, and there aren't as many spin-off WW titles as Superman.

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Personally I think GL is better in the Trinity spot than WW. Other than ending the sausage fest, she doesn't really bring a whole lot to the table. Flight and superstrength. Superman has it covered. Master combatant. Batman has it covered. Mystical artifact of power. Green Lantern has it covered. And you can count the number of authors who know how to write Wonder Woman well on one hand.

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I would have to agree that Dc's powerful heroes are the Kryptonians and the Green Lanterns. I would also add Apollo, Captain Marvel, and Captain Atom.