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I have decided that it's best to focus on a few characters to start with, so I am working on collecting graphic novels and comics related to; Batman, Spiderman and the X-men. The Batman graphic novels collection is growing nicely but as the only comic book shop is 30 miles away and there is only a very limited selection of comics on sale in the local W.H.Smiths, it is proving difficult to make any headway on the comic collection.

So far I have managed to get 3 X-men comics, 2 Spiderman comics and 1 Batman comic...

Luckily my brother is also into graphic novels and comics so we read each others. Where I want to go to uni there are at least 2 comic book shops within easy walking distance so it will be a lot easier once I leave home...

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Have you ever considered digital comics?

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@JSH92: I'm afraid I'm in a fairly old fashioned state of mind about things like music, books and Comics. Reading stories off a screen just feels wrong and I hate it. Digital comics would be an ideal option if I didn't have OCD. I have a habit of needing to collect things I like, and it doesn't work if they're on a screen :(

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Exactly what would you like? Also, are you restricted to comics or are you okay with GNs and trades? (essentially, multiple comics reprinted into "books" with either hard or soft covers and a different binding. Does not have ads and sometimes has behind the scenes extras - but not always)

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@astrangerinthestreet: I gotcha. I'm kinda the same way. I much prefer having the physical comics, which is what I buy for all the series I'm collecting. I do buy some older stuff digitally though, just because it's more practical (easier to find, immediate access, usually cheaper). I also know what you mean about the OCD thing. I feel like it's kinda cheating if I collect a series in trade or digitally, so the all the series that I really want the most I collect monthly.

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My advice to you is to read indie comics before the big two break your heart. If not, just get some old stuff like Spider-Man: Blue, and The Long Halloween. You won't regret it.

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Why would the Big two break his heart? I am just now getting into comics, too. And what does indie mean? Sorry if this sounds super n00b.

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@OnlyZeusIsFree: Indie means independent.

Image and Valiant are the only publishers I'd bother reading outside of Marvel and DC.

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@OnlyZeusIsFree said:

Why would the Big two break his heart? I am just now getting into comics, too. And what does indie mean? Sorry if this sounds super n00b.

Because while Marvel and DC do many amazing stories, usually they also eventually do something terrible and profit-motivated that undercuts whatever good thing they did.  I say this as a long time Big 2 read who is endlessly happy with and angry with the both of them.  Not that the indie publishers are perfect either.  Besides Image and Valiant, Darkhorse has good stuff too.
I think starting with some kind of a focus can help.  By having some continuity among your collection, you can start to decide what you really do like or not like.  I'd also recommend taking a look at back issues.  Many stores will sell back issues for fairly cheap, at least during sales, so you can get a handful for the cost of a single new $4 comic.  Or, you can get collections (TPBs, or trade paper backs), where they put together 10 or so issues for the price of a graphic novel.  They're a good way to read a whole story arc together, and you can get them at major book stores too, not just comic shops.
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@JediXMan: I keep an eye out for multiple comics reprinted as books, I have Knightfall: The broken bat and Hellblazer Original sins in that format and that seems to work well for me as I can read them all straight through.

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@Twentyfive: I love Batman as a character, so I figured it would be a good place to start. The same with the X-men and Spiderman, and I have about 40 years of storyline to catch up on for each so I figured that would keep me busy for a while. I have one DMZ comic, which is pretty good so I might pursue those as well.

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I would suggest to do what you are doing along with buying past major events (Civil War, Death of Superman, Siege etc.) and then use wikipedia to get an idea who the supporting charecters are. That is what I did. This site as well has great charecter bio's as well.

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I would recommend using amazon. Also if you haven't read The Dark Knight Returns by Frank MIller and the Killing Joke by Alan Moore than read them immediately. They may be the two best Batman stories ever made.

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@jonEsherfey: I've read those two stories. I used The Killing Joke in my A2 English Language coursework :) Personally I preferred Batman Year One to The Dark Knight Returns but there isn't much between them. I'm moving to Leicester at the end of September to go to uni and there is apparently a really good comic shop in Leicester so getting hold of comics will become a lot easier.