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As I always say,"God bless Mr.Dwayne McDuffie. Not only did contribute so much to the comic industry,but he created Virgil Hawkins aka Static. Now I been reading Static before his popular cartoon series but since his Milestone Comic days. And I loved the character you could see how much Mr.McDuffie was influenced with Spider-Man. And I continued to read him until the Milestone Universe merged with the DC Universe (Pre 52). Virgil would join the Teen Titans and I loved him on the team it fit him very well. He was a teenaged superhero amongst his own makes perfect sense,right? However the once DC decided to reboot their entire universe Static once again got his own series. Sadly the high voltage hero only lasted 8 issues but I stood by him. The last time we would see Virgil was in the pages of Teen Titans helping Kid Flash,more importantly he created Kid Flash's costume. My point is I hate to a character like Static thrown back into the comic book void. DC should keep the spotlight on him I 'd like another ongoing with good writer someone like Gail Simone,but fat chance right guys? I say put on the Teen Titans he deserves it. Or will he be apart of the Raven's future that DC has coming? All in all Static's status quo sucks. What do think my fellow comic lovers?

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I'd like to see him somewhere period. If he joins the Titans, cool, anything to erase my memory of the abortion his solo book was.

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Id like to see him on the Titans someday if Lobdell leaves. Seeing him on the JL someday would be cool also.

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Maybe a short arc in DCU Presents. Two issues.

However, we will likely not see Static this year. DC has some plans for something huge in the coming months.

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There is no reason Static shouldn't have his own title. Or at least be on the Teen Titans.

He gets thrown into obscurity was too often.