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This is Comic Vine a place filled with comic fans so I am pretty sure I am not the only one with this dream. Seriously who does not want to be the next Stan Lee or Jack Kirby! So if anyone has any ideas on how to get started on making a comic company or any tips at all please share.

If anybody knows the answer to any of these questions please answer.

If I want to start my own comic book publishing company what courses do I need to take in university?

Best to start of as a writer or a artist?

Around how much money would you have to start of with?

Around how many artists do you have to hire?

Do I start by myself creating characters and stories or with a group of people?

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Ideally business and writing courses. I'm not sure you'd need too much, maybe start out digitally at first to get your name out there.

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@xanni15: Ya thanks I heard that creating your own website is the cheapest way to get your name out there.

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dont we all?

atleast I do

I'd love to get my own universe going and doing stuff. I already have tons of material. maybe one day...

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@jorgevy: Me two I have tons of ideas.

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What a lot of writers and artists have done is become a popular creator first, then use that popularity to help create their own company.

This is one of my dreams as well :)

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@guttridgeb: Popular creator what do you mean by creator can you explain?

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@xxgin: Writer/artist, I couldn't be bothered to write out both again :)

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@xxgin said:

@jorgevy: Me two I have tons of ideas.

Me three :p

But my drawing can be only adequately put in one word: Bad.

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start out digitally, make the first few comics free download. Therefore readers don't need to gamble if they like the book. A free download will attract a bigger fan base. If the comic is good then start selling the digital comics. Once you have a consistent number of people buying the comic e-mail image or an independent comic company and see if they would like to develop the comic.

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@xxgin: Finally someone who asks this! My biggest dream is to start a company, I have this superhero I'm putting down a lot of time on. I'm a writer and is looking for a partner (artist preferably). My dreams is to move to NYC and start the next Marvel or DC. Maybe we who shares the dream should create some kind of group and exchange ideas!

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I am a good drawer but not a professional (no where near a professional) and I can not handle drawing a comic book I am sure of that but I guess you can consider me as talented in art. I am happy that I possess this rare talent. I have so much great ideas and heros in my mind I think I am going to start drawing them out and writing stories about them. I am going to start slowly I still have tons of time trying to get some basic questions sorted out here lol.

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@xxgin: Look, we all have ideas, and we all have the dream, so why don't we collaborate and maybe form like our own comic book shared universe. I'm a writer and I have a lot of ideas, and I'm sure you guys do too. I have a team of artists that work on a series I write right now, were going to release it first as a graphic novel, build income, then expand to a biweekly production rate. If anyone wants to join, and be part of the universe were building email me at mallom33@gmail.com Writers Wanted, but Artists needed

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@xxgin: It's awesome that you have a bunch of ideas, I have a team of artists working on my ideas, and were looking for writers and artists to expand our company and form more of a universe, if you want you could be a part just email me at mallom33@gmail.com

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Maybe you can check Stan lees or jack Kirby did to become comic legends until then you can see what your good at and what things you need help with.