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Well, that was rather epic. Before we go on, I'd like to request you take a quick moment of silence for Savage Opress. Yes, he was a terrible person, but there's no denying he was crafted into an interesting (and intimidating) villain. He could have easily been a cheap attempt at duplicating his brother's style, but thankfully he felt like his own unique character. Opress, maybe you can live on in the comics or novels... but if you're going to go down, then I'd say there's no shame in having it happen against Darth Sidious. At least you force pushed him over a ledge. Sure, he took you down with him, but A for effort.

I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing Mandalorian battles. There's a full fledged war going on as Obi-Wan arrives and attempts to rescue Satine and it looks fantastic. From the way they rocket through the skies using numerous weapons to the colorful explosions, it's simply spectacular. It's just too bad all of the Death Watch crew that decided to stay with Darth Maul are total chumps compared to the "rebels."

There's plenty of references to the earlier films that are definitely appreciated and this episode has thrilling action, but it was also an emotional powerhouse, too. Maul slaying Satine right in front of Obi-Wan was surprisingly powerful thanks to their history and his controlled response. Although, having Obi-Wan then escorted around by two guards and thinking he couldn't escape that scenario is a little difficult to swallow. Additionally, having the reveal that Bo-Katan is her sister was certainly an unexpected and nice twist.

I can't be the only person who had their jaw dropped or muttered, "Wow" when those giant blast doors opened in front of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Seeing the massive scope of Death Watch vs. Death Watch was staggering and the devastating impact it had on the city was a stunning visual.

But when it comes to action, the real treat here was seeing the Zabrak brothers take on The Emperor. It's clear they stood no real chance of winning, but they still put on quite a show and truthfully I thought it was far more electric than Maul vs. Pre Vizsla. I loved when they force pushed Sidious off of a ledge and then the future Emperor brought them down with him. It really hit home the point that he's in complete control of this battle. That said, seeing Maul give into his rage as he flails wildly with a darksaber and red lightsaber was thoroughly awesome. I still have mixed feelings on his final moments in this episode. On one hand, it was a vulnerable moment that absolutely called for such a response. He has a strong sense of self-preservation and knew there was no way he could physically escape the scenario, so pleading for his life was a great way to show that above everything else, he wants to live and isn't above begging. On the other hand, after seeing his brother slain like that, part of me believes that instead of pleading, he would have essentially cursed the Emperor and let his anger dictate his emotions.

Simply put, this episode was truly epic and I cannot wait to see what stems from this. Will the Emperor merely use Maul as a pawn to divert the Jedi Council's attention from his own actions? Regardless, it's clear we will see Obi-Wan and Maul go face-to-face again and it'll be interesting to see how that unfolds after everything Maul has put him through, First he killed his master (Qui-Gon), now this? I'm psyched to see what happens.

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Well..the episode aired this morning and the fight was lack luster. I should be lack luster and I expected it to be over quickly. Seemed like Sidious was just out to get some exercise and was toying with Savage and Maul. I really do not like the way they decided to bring Maul back. I mean...ugh. Wouldn't a cloned lower half or medical surgery of some type have been better than manifesting mechanical legs? Ehh...I never imagined Maul to be such a whiner.

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does dooku have any important part in this season

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@AAmongul said:

does dooku have any important part in this season

Important, no. At least not yet.

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Forming in my mouth.....

This episode was AMAZING. Sidious duel wielding?! My only complaint was how short the battle was. Don't get me wrong, the duel was epic, but so short! So much revelations in this episode.

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dat was the greatest ep ever sidious is a bad ass

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Goddamn this episode was cool, again why can't this just be a show about the villains?

Gonna miss Savage, I liked that in the end Maul really did care about his brother as more than just an apprentice though.

also I kinda wish that rather than go at Palaptine with two sabers that he had taken up Savage's duel bladed Saber, just for some iconic Maul stuff.

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@Mojo65: No way man, Maul HAD to use the darksaber; that thing is simply too badass.

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That was so EPIC

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@k4tzm4n: A great episode and review. Although to be honest I was a teeny bit annoyed when I saw the title to the review before I watched the episode >.<

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YOU basterds killed SATINE .... NONONONONONONO ...............

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What exactly did Obi-Wan expect to accomplish by infiltrating the planet ALONE? Writing for convenience got the best of that plot point.

Bo-Katon getting the great action scenes almost matches Viszla's scene in the first episode of the arc. The battles were done well here. They weren't holding back on the deaths either.

Darth Sidious seemed to come out of nowhere. I assume that the writers wanted to conclude this arc that way from the beginning, but for as much as I can remember, Sidious wasn't shown until he suddenly decided to fly off to Mandalore. Did I miss the part where he figured out it was Maul? Sure, I enjoyed watching the fight, but that still doesn't mean I understand how it suddenly happened.

Maul's mercy cries seemed too much out of character. His personality has developed from what it was in Episode 1, but he should still be the cold, merciless, warrior that would kill and die with abandon, By begging for mercy he is providing Sidious with entertainment that the Maul I think of would have likely denied.

Also, I feel like the Sith would be a lot more efficient if they stopped killing each other. The reason for that rule still escapes me.

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@Lurkero: Completely agree with ur assessment about the Sith. The Rule of Two never made any sense to me. I read that is was made because they thought by only having two Sith and by being more covert that they held a better chance of survival. Again, makes no god damn sense to me. Anyway, amazing episode. I'm sad to see Savage go, I was surprised how much I liked him since his debut. I thought they just conjured him up to piggy back off of Maul's bad-assery, but they did a nice job of making him his own villain. I'm looking forward to seeing what Sideous has in store for Maul. Just glad they didn't kill both of them off in the same episode. Savage and Maul's stories have been pretty much the only ones I've really enjoyed this season.

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I honestly would love to see them build on Obi-Wan's character and show him dealing with this new lose. Personally I'd like to see Obi-Wan deal with the anger that is obviously bubbling inside of him for Maul after everything he has destroyed in Kenobi's life. Be interesting to see him struggle with the Dark Side of the Force as the final showdown between Obi-Wan and Maul fast approaches.
While I agree with Maul's reaction at the end of the episode, personally I think that was a good reflection of Obi-Wan's comment earlier in the episode about the Sith's weakness and ultimately how, despite the hatred burning within him, he is fearful of death after just barely escaping it once already.
Plus, am I the only who found Darth Sidious duel-wielding two red lightsabers epic?

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The last good action cartoon on Cn. Please don't cancel this show!

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This was truly an epic episode. Clone Wars keeps getting better!

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...Am i the only one who thinks that the chancellor and Sidous might be the same person...............

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I hate the fact that the show airs at 9 f*@$ing 30 in my area worth staying up for though. Sidious was awesome.

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This episode had a lot of high points like Maul killing Satine and Sidious vs Maul and Opress but it was confusing too. Why did Sidious decide to take on Maul when he could have let Grievous or Dooku do it? And the other Death Watch female leader being the sister was predictable. Plus Mandalore is an important neutral system so it doesn't make sense the Jedi would not get involved and Maul begging for mercy was a bit out of character. Still it was a fantastic episode overall no doubt about that.

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Need to watch this since I was tied up in a signing yesterday :/

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@levenger sidious couldn't send either dooku or grevious for two reasons firstly the invasion of neutral planet would cripple the confederacy by drumming support for republic also if they were killed the confederacy might collapse too early due to infighting

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Sidious was definitely the highlight of this episodes. My only gripe is how sparingly the Force seemed to be used by Obi-Wan but that's what all Jedi have done throughout the entire series so far

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The fight was epic. Getting to see how badass Sidious really is...highlight of the season (so far)

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very good

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Best episode ever so far, but why did Maul beg! WHY!

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I loved the battle.  I really like the slight physicality Maul has.  It feels very feline.

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EPIC beyond words.

@Pyrogram said:

Best episode ever so far, but why did Maul beg! WHY!

Agreed, why degrade the character, WHY?!!!

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This was awesome, between the duel and the Mando's it had just about everything. The only thing I didn't like was Maul begging at the end, at least he still has time to go out like a champ.

@Lurkero said:

Also, I feel like the Sith would be a lot more efficient if they stopped killing each other. The reason for that rule still escapes me.

That is the reason for the Rule of Two. During the Old Republic, the Sith Order was the size of the Jedi Order, if not bigger, but they could never accomplish anything long-term because all of the leasers kept trying to kill each other so after most of the Sith Order got wiped out, Darth Bane made the Rule of Two so they could plot undetected by the Jedi before killing them all and ruling the galaxy.

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Savage is dead, Maul is defeated *fangirl crying*

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How long are they going to milk the Clone Wars? Don't get me wrong its impressive, but still...

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Wow, such a good episode! I was in aw. Well done!