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Sorry no spoilers, unless people ask ;)

But just saw it tonight and I was blown away. Best movie of the year thus far. Totally surpassed any expectations I had. Totally more than makes up for some movie let downs that have occurred over the past couple weeks. This is the first movie in I cant remember how long where i wanted to watch it again immediately after it ended. loved it so much. Please, see this movie!

I rate it: 5/5

Yep, was as good an experience I could ever expect to have at the movies.

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Watching it tomorrow afternoon.

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Thats good news.

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I'll get to it eventually if only for Benedict Cumberbatch. I'm really not that much of a Trek fan though; even though I liked the first movie, rewatching it just bored me to tears.

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i'm sure it'll be good but better than iron man 3? hell no.

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Going to see it tonight.

Looking forward to it a bit more now.

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Yeah, looking forward to watching it. Doubt it'll be better than Iron Man 3 though.

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@thetimestreamer: haha well if you already made up your mind what's the point? And IM3, you can do better than that old sport!

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I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie, really enjoyed the 'first' one ^_^

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The word I am hearing about Star Trek 2 was way more positive than from Iron Man 3. That is a much better sign...

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Good news

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never was a Star Trek fan but I quite liked the first movie, so I'll watch this one, but I'll have to wait for it to come out here. thanks for the info though!

PS: doubt it will top IM3 though; i think this year only Thor 2 or Man of Steel will be able to do it

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Not a Star Trek fan but I very much enjoyed the 2009 reboot! Can't wait to see this on Friday!

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