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Alright Spongy gots bubble powers thats a plus. I dont think sponges can take damage because they absorb things so we'll assume hes invulnerable. He has beast netting skills as well as green arrow capabilities with a spatula. And he lives underwater so supermans heat vision aint gonna work. Oh yeah spongeboh can suck up water and spit it at supes. I say spongebob what about you guys?

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Superman's heat vision is stated to be hotter than the sun, usage of his heat vision can possibly evaporate the ocean at full blast, so your reasoning of heat vison not working won't work. So................ Superman

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Spongebob would incapacitate him easily ;P

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Wrong forum bud.

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does he get the magic pencil?

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Hey, welcome to the Vine!

But, this is the wrong broad, this needs to be moved to the battle forums. You can PM a mod and have them move it for you.

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Stop just stop.... Wrong Board and mismatch. Sorry but welcome to CV.

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Why was this bumped?

Anyway, Spongebob.