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With the new trailer out, I thought it would be good to discuss this again.

Which franchise, overall, is better?

Now, obviously AS has only had one official movie released, so it's not exactly fair to compare the trilogies as of yet. But based off the first movie and the trailer of the second, how are the projections of the new series looking compared to the Toby trilogy?

Personally, I favor the O3. Toby felt like an actual Peter Parker to me. He was unliked, he was nerdy, and he was awkward. Garfield is... None of those things, really. They try to convey it, but ultimately fail. I don't believe that in real life this kid would be unpopular.

As for the Spiderman portion, they're pretty close. I have more beefs with AS than the O3, even based off the new trailer. It looks like a bad video game, to be honest.

I don't really know how to express my thoughts on it, other than the O3 with Toby FELT like a Spiderman movie, and these new ones just don't. I think the AS series fails to capture what Spiderman is really all about. The new trailer changes nothing, Electro looks lame, I have no idea who the mechanical guy is (Rhino? A Spider-Slayer?), and Norman Osborn is completely wrong for me. Lizard was done wrong as well, which is a shame because he's my favorite Spidey villain.

Another huge beef I have with it is that he NEEDS TO KEEP THE DAMN MASK ON. This is a Spiderman movie, not a Rip Off Your Mask So Teenage Girls Can See Your Face movie.

And yeah, SPM3 gets a lot of flack for the horrendous "Dark Peter" arc, but if you look past that the rest of the movie was rather solid (ESPECIALLY the Church scene. That was so well done. Peter's inner conflicts in that movie were portrayed amazingly).

Idk. What do you think?

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Meh, I personally liked Garfield's version more.

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Garfield/ASM franchise stomps for me, personally.

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Garfield/ASM franchise stomps for me, personally.


Though while ASM wasn't perfect, from what I've seen ASM2 is making up for it.

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Some things i hated about garfield's. He and Emma made out far too much, their passionate kisses made me cringe at some points. Over all I liked his version of spider-man better. Toby made a good "every day man" peter, one from the 60's.

Love the action in TASM. When he moved he moved fast, the thing about the other one is he did seem slow at some points or looked like he was floating/gliding when falling.

I agree with the mask thing, but he lost it in all 3 movies, every bad guy found out who he was lol.

I respected they tried to stay true to the comics with the ASM or so they said...this new trailer clearly shows they didn't, but that's not a major issue if its good. First class I liked a lot

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I never really cared for Toby's Spiderman. Garfield ASM is great. I like him a lot more as Spidey. ASM2 seems like it will be amazing.

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Garfield is a good actor but a total miscast for Peter/Spider-Man. Good movie with a horrible lead. The rest of the cast was pretty good though. I like Emma Stone as Gwen, I like their cast for Aunt May, as well as Curt Connors. I originally didn't like Harry's actor but after watching the trailer a few times, I've grown to like him.

Toby feels more like Peter/Spider-Man for me. He was softer, more geeky, and somewhat resembled him. The first two movies were amazing (pun intended) while the third had a lot of things wrong with it (but still had some good despite people neglecting to notice it). However, I still can't get over the miscast of Kirstin Dunst as Mary Jane. Horrible choice. Same goes for Topher Grace as Eddie Brock. But other than those two I thought everyone else who was casted were PERFECT such as Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Norman/Goblin, Harry, Gwen, DocOck, Sandman, JJJ, Betty, and so on.

Even though ASM only has one movie out + a trailer, which means predicting which trilogy is better is pointless, I'm still going to say the original Spider-Man trilogy is the best. When I watch it, for the most part, I feel like I'm watching a real life Spider-Man. When I watch ASM, I can't enjoy it to it's full potential because I firmly believe Garfield does not fit the roll of Peter Parker nor Spider-Man.

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Burn me at the stake if you will, but I thought Tobey played the perfect Spider-Man.