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I've recsently read through all of the Spider-man Noir comics (8 volumes).

So a question appeared: does Spider-man Noir have a future in Marvel videogames and comics ?

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Shattered Dimensions

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How are the Marvel Noir comics?

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You mean are they good ? Yes. Absolutly. I thought that the story is kind of unfinished, but these are good comics anyway.

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Marvel Noir is excellent, and has a large fan base, which was only strengthened through the release of Shattered Dimensions

Personally I want to see more Iron Man Noir (as it was teased that there may be a sequel), and Daredevil Noir

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I want a Rockabilly Batman series. And more Spiderman noir.

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Too bad that there is no "Shattered Dimensions 3" - a Spider-man videogame with Noir and Ultimate.