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What amount of butchery of the plot would make YOU want to kill Dan Slott.

Please explain.

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It turns out that since the 90's the Spider-man we've been following is in fact a clone. The real Peter Parker is locked in some chamber in Jackal's lab.

To quote Jason Bourne: "There is no measurement on how fast I will bring the fight to your doorstep!". That would be my reaction. Fortunately I don't think its that and short of that there isn't much else that would make me want to harm him.

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Some major character gets killed, then relaunch or how do you call it happens and a few issues later this character is revived. It has happened a lot and it is very lame and predictable.

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I trust Slott, but if he has Peter sell his Aunt May's soul to Mephisto to get Gwen Stacy back I will lose it.

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Peter gets adamantium claws and starts calling his self Spiderine. Or Peter proposes to MJ and makes OMD redundant.

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Peter dies.. ..

and gets Resurrection by some wizard.

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Deadpool takes over as Spidey

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If the story turns out to be as bad as "Spider-Island" or "Ends of the Earth." Up until the Lizard storyline, I thought Slott had been doing a horrible writing job. I have, but have not read the last two issues of ASM, and hope they continue Slott's good writing, and that ASM #700 is worth the hype.

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Some of the wall ideas:

1. Spider-man and doc ock switch bodies then doc ock's body dies and doc ock is spider-man

2. Doc ock's arms get grafted onto spider-man

3. Gwen is back

4. Uncle Ben is back

5. Peter kills MJ

6. Spider-man wears a pink costume

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This was the only comic to ever have me shaking with anger. It's not that Peter died that pissed me off, it;s how he died