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Sorry about all these questions but I'm currently working my way through Slott's run on ASM about to buy Spider-Island and wondering does anyone know the difference between the normal trade and the UK edition, do they contain different issues or anything like that as one is half the price of the other ?

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@Sean2206: I didn't know there were different editions from country to country. Where have you seen a U.K. edition?

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose: Well there is a link to the search page for Spider island on Forbidden planet with a UK edition and there is a fair enough price difference.

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What I recall is that there is no difference execpt the paper feels different. The U.K editions always sell cheaper them than the U.S editions. Hope this helps!

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Everyone wears monocles and drinks tea in the UK edition.

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@Decoy Elite said:

Everyone wears monocles and drinks tea in the UK edition.


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@Sean2206: I've had a look around, and it seems they might be different. whsmith.co.uk is selling what looks like the U.K. edition, describing it as "Amazing Spider-Man 666-672 & Spider Island Spotlight.", 308 pages.

forbiddenplanet.co.uk seem to be selling the American edition, which is described as, "Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #666-673 and the “Infested” material from #659-660 and #662-664, Venom (2011) #6-9, Spider-Island: Deadly Foes, and Spider-Island Spotlight," 376 pages.

So it seems the U.K. edition is cheaper because there's less in it.