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I don't know if this was already done, I did a search and I couldn't find this topic started anywhere yet.

So if classic Juggernaut was fighting pre new 52 Flash, could the Flash speed steal from Juggernaut? Or would Juggernaut's unstopability prevent it?

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@Agent_Murdoch:He could speed steal because you dont have to be moving for it to work

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@dondave: Assuming Juggernaut was already moving would it work?

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@Agent_Murdoch: probably

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I suspect the mystical nature of Juggernaut's powers, particularly his unstoppable nature, would protect him from stopping entirely. However, I think Flash's Speed Steal would slow him down. A LOT. As long as he's moving, he's not technically stopped. That includes moving in such slow motion as to be seen as standing still to a bystander.

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Huh, and if we put Hammer Empowerment into equation? As Kuurth - Breaker of Stuff he resisted even teleportation attacks.