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You know, I appreciate that you call this "spoilers." I'm hoping some of the people posting in forums will learn what a spoiler is. I heard about what happened in Batman inc 8 from the title of the threads in the forums. That sucks.
Oh.. and um.. fourth?

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Spidey looks quite a bit like Spoderman on the cover of ASM.

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What's the point of including that Avenging Spider-Man issue if you just left us all hanging? That wasn't much of a spoiling.

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Damian was not calling out for his father! He was yelling out to his mother to stop fighting his father. "Stop! Fighting! Father!". See that. We all know that even if Damian needed help, he would never yell out for it. Gonna miss that little psycho, he was a fantastic Robin with some really great character development.

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Death's Head. 'Nuff said.