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Awesome Tony, Thanks for this


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After watching this, it makes me wanna get Punisher Warzone.

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I'm intrigued by the Doctor Who issue now...I really think I need to get that.

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I would point out the Raven bit picks off from Phantom Stranger #1 and not 3 :)

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Two Questions.

  1. When did the Joker learn Tim and Jason's identity
  2. What happened to Frank's eye?
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RAVEN's Costume is Mighty awful!!!

and I lovedddd Punihser Warzoneeeeee

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I can't watch this. I can watch YouTube videos but I can't watch this. Tried 2 systems too

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Ever get the feeling G-Man thinks hes talking to children..? Like hes a play school presenter? Maybe its just me haha Love your podcasts G-Man just kidding

PS.yes Sweatboy Ive also had some trouble sometimes..I put it down to my slow connection

I wish Wolverine would get a lesson in humility...there must be plenty of superheroes with unstabbable skin? Its a joke how Wolverine can move so fast to be as good a martial artist as Shang Chi when he has all that extra weight (adamantium) but NO super-strength-eh?eh?)

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@sweatboy: What browser? IE? That's seem to have given people problem. I've also heard it's a flash issue. You need the latest one or something. There was also some comments about using a certain ad blocker or something.

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@G-Man: I think it was firefox. but I have been using a lot of Explorer lately. I guess the technical downgrade is frustrating me, which makes me complain more than I need to. The flash issue is def something on the phone. But CV has a youtube channel so all is well. I have a feeling I know what's on that dish. Flamingo much, Joker? I will stick to bug report threads in the future

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@ccraft: I KNOW, RIGHT????