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Today I will post the Tribute Thread of the one and only Spawn. It Surprises me that Images best Comic Seller that beat the Sales of Superman and Batman comics combine back in the 90s has faded into myth. So I am bringing him back in all his glory.

Who is Spawn? Spawn is Al Simmons who was the top assassin and soldier in the world. He was killed on assignment by his employer Wynn. He was sent to the 8th Sphere of Hell where he had to strike a bargain with the Malbolgia to return to the world as a Hell Spawn. However, he was more than the average Hell Spawn. He was sent back with a host of Souls of everyone who died the same time he had. He also was given powers by the Green World which furthered separate him from the rank and file Hell Spawn. He ends up becoming a super power of the super natural in his own right.


There are many versions of Spawn. The Original was more street level, the Classic. Second Metamorphosis is the widely standard known Spawn. Then there is Hell King Spawn, same as Second Metamorphosis Spawn, but has unlimited Necro Power. Then we have Divine Spawn who was equal to God and Satan. Finally we have God Spawn who merged with Man of Miracle, the Highest Level Being in Image Comics. There is also Omega Spawn, he has unlimited Necro Energy, however little is known of him other than being a Omniversal Threat somehow.


Holy Hell this will be long. Spawn has many many powers. Reason for this is his power source. Psychoplasma, or Necroplasma, is a Reality Warping Magic Energy used by Hell and Heaven. It's only limit on Reality Warping is the Energy Count to perform a feat.

Explains Necroplasma and Houdini Explain Spawns Magic and Suit.

Spawn can use this Necro for Magic or he can use the Suits abilities and natural powers to save energy.

Spawns Suit, Cape, and Chains

Now lets talk about Spawns Suit. It is a living entity used to clothed Hell Spawns. Made in the 5th level of Hell and gifted to the 8th Level for their soldiers.

It is a living being that can act and attack on its own.

Its main forms of attacks are Chain and Cape.

1) Chains can attack in a large AOE attacks.

2-3) Chains can turn into Razor Blades to slice and dice.

4) Chains have Massive Reach, Clearing 100s of feet with ease.

5) The Chains do act on their own, even with Spawn KOed.

6) Chains blocking Sub Machine Gun fire from 2 guys. Very fast.

7) Cape moving faster than a Laser Beam from Overtkill, also blocks it. Speed and Durability.

8) Spawns Cape slamming Redeemer around as well cutting his hand off.

The strength of the Chains is insane as well.

1-2) Slams over a at least 10 tons of Trees around.

They also proved nigh unbreakable.

Holding the Multi Thousand Toner planet wrecking Dark God Urizen.

Another neat feature is spawn's Cloak can transport anything trapped inside it to Spawn's private Hell Dimension.

1) Traps Angela in his hell with his Cloak.

2-3) Angela and Spawn escape Heaven in his cloak which leads to his Hell.

Then we have the Suit using a Danger Sense.

Both Examples of his Suit reacting to a possible threat before the threat presents itself.


Spawn Strength on average is in the ton+ range.

1) Spawn bends steel bars.

2) Smashes through Birck easy.

3-4) Catches a blow that drives his feet into the earth and then flips this large Violator easy.

Spawn can amp himself to 1000+ ton strength.

1) Throws a Thousand tons of Building at Urizen.

2) Hold up the stomping foot of a 100+ meter tall Planet Wrecking God.


Spawns Durability is no joke. His body is dead so he can lose limbs, be pumped full of holes, or even decapitated, and be fine. The only Weakness he has is Holy / Hell energy Damage or complete draining of Necro Power.

1) Spawn is dismembered and shows he can control severed body parts.

2) Spawn is Electrocuted by whips with many studs, each stud is 50,000 Volts. Spawn gets groggy but no totally out.

3) Spawn can waltz through Lava.

4-5) Spawn shot with a Anti Tank Round through his chest, he gets right back up.

6) Spawn proves by being rammed by a 50MPH Car that he can increase his Durability to the point where this Car does not even Budge him!


Spawn is also proven to reach Hyper Sonic Speeds.

1) Spawns Cape moves faster than this Laser Beam! Near Light Speed!

2-3) Spawn moves so fast that he gathers over 11 Shotguns from the very Cops there and Cop Cars faster than Cops can see!

4) Collects 8+ Shotguns from the trunk of Cop Cars faster than the Cops could see.

5) Spawn Suit moves so fast that it causes the very air to set fire from friction! Hyper Sonic+

6) Spawn himself moves faster than the human eye can see!


Now we will get into the Magic of Spawn's power.

Hell Energy Attacks

1-2) Blasts vs Redeemer.

3) Blasts blast hole in Violator.

4) Hell Blast that could melt the Gates of Heaven.

Spawn can form these blasts into fire or explosives.

As well Hall Blast bombs. That was just a tiny one.

Her Spawn uses his power to set fire to all evidence of Spawns existence in the Alleys.

Spawn also can use it to travel his chains.

Uses it to pop Vampires who must be killed on the molecule level.


Both Scans showing Spawn's Light Speed Teleporting.

1) Spawn Teleports the Bullets out of a gun.

2-3) Here Spawn uses Teleporting as a instant kill attack!

4) Spawn Teleports Bobby with him back to the alley.


Spawn always have from his first showing been able to heal any damage with a thought, he prefers not to when he has limited Necroplasma energy.

1-2) In #68 Spawn loses hes head after crossing the Heaven side boundary if the Alleys.Then in #69, Sam and Twitch drag him a few feet back across the Boundary and Spawn simply remakes his Head.

3) first time using his Healing to restore his heart.

4-5) Spawn cures Terry of Paralysis, Coma, and Cancer at the same time!

6) Spawn brings Bobby back from the dead!

Magic Illusions

Illusion casting. He does this in the minds of his enemies causing mass illusions!

Mini Black Holes

Spawn opens a Black Hole to Hell.

De Power and Re Empower Magic Beings.

Spawn Depowers and then Rempowers these powerful Demons.

Summon Creatures of the Darkness And Karma

1) Summons Bats and Maggots to choke out Cy-Gor

2) Summons the Bad Karma of the Freak and turns it into Worms and Vermin to Suffocate him.

3-5) Summons animals of the darkness to maul this Angel.

Time Stopping

Spawn freezes time across the planet to gather his thoughts.

Shape and Size Shifting

1) Turns into a white man.

2) Increases Size to 100s of meters.

3) Turns into a flock of Bats.

4) Turns into more Bats.


1) Spawn sinks through the floor. The Windows blinds remain unmoved and the cape can seen still inside the room.

2) In a lock car, Spawn appears inside with no warning at all.

3) Walks through the wall.

4) Rises from the floor behind Twitch.

Reality Warping

1) Spawn Make a Invisible Car Un Invisible and then Creates a Key.

2-3) Spawn uses it here to turn the Blood and Flesh of this guy into straight lethal Poison.

4) Spawn makes a case of Beer out of thin air.

5-6) Spawn de-skins a human in seconds.

7) Spawn very presence darkens and warps the area around him.

Green World Powers

Spawn also has Powers granted to him by the Emerald Parliament of the Green World. Giving him world level telepathy, empathy, and control over mother earth, all without using his own Necro Energy.

Spawn gains power over mother nature.

Power over Nature

1) Spawn raises a entire Forest.

2-3) Spawn causes both a Earthquake and then a Tidal Wave.

4) Spawn fissures the Earth under Urizen.

4) Spawn can Summon Vines along with his Chains to entangle a foe.

Telepathy and Empathy

Most people do not know this, but Spawn is a massive world level Telepath and Empath.

1-3) Spawns connected to all the pain and misery throughout earth.

4) Spawn with a touch of a eyelash transfers all his pain he been through to this girl.

5) Spawn uses his power to cause this woman killer to experience all the pain and suffering she caused her victims.

6) spawn cures insanity.

7-8) Spawn mentally implants in Wynn's mind that his skin was ripped off.

9-11) Spawn uses TP to send this kid into his own personnel Hell.


Everyone's favorite part of any comic. We will start in chronological order. From Classic to Second Metamorphosis, then to Hell King.

Spawns first battle was with no other than the Violator himself. Spawn faired well in this encounter.

Spawn's first major battle vs this monster cyborg called Overtkill. It goes real bad for Spawn

Spawn ends up relying on his Soldier skill and use of Tech Guns to end Overtkill.

Spawn vs Kurse.

Spawn faces Angela, the top hunter and Angel of Heaven. Spawn lucks out in this match.

Spawns fights Jason Wynn who was turned into a Redeemer. The Anti Spawn.

Spawn forced to fight Overtkill again, this time without his guns. He still is not up to it as Classic Spawn.

Spawn Then faces the Cyborg Demon Tremor who he easily beats.

Now at this Point Spawn turns into his Second Metamorphosis.

Spawn once transformed easy beat the Redeemer 2.

He also easy beats Violator in his main form.

Then after Spawn is dissected into pieces by Kurse his Suit tries to keep him together. This Angel senses the best time to attack.

Spawn fights Savage Dragon. No Contest!

Spawn proves how superior he is to the average Hell spawn. Like Kinkaid here.

The classic match of Cy-Gor vs Spawn.

Spawn using only his Suit and Soldier Skills infiltrates Wynn's fortress and threatens Wynn. He does all this after giving a Wynn days to prepare on purpose.

Spawn's first run in with a Vampire, a agent of Heaven. This is Wolfram, we will see these Vamps plague Spawn again.

Spawn battles Heap. This is a creature the Green World use that was made from a dead human, Spawn's blood, and the power of Nature. It was a Messenger that sent Spawn to the Green World.

Spawn easily beats Mammon, the most powerful Hell King and pretty much ruling in Satan's absence.

Now we get to the height f the first 100 issues. The Dark God Urizen, who matches Satan and God in power, is released onto earth. Spawn and Angela must work together to stop it before it wrecks the planet and deadens every soul.

After this lost Spawn tries again, only this time with Angela beating back Heaven to join him later, and Spawn gathering power from Mother Nature itself. In a Trio of Hell, Heaven, and Earth power combine, they were able to imprison Urizen.

After this battle they traveled to Hell to deal with Malbolgia who was responsible for all this.

Angela was doing superb, but premature declared victory. Spawn with the Heaven Forge Sword kills Malbolgia, and becomes the rightful King of Hell.

Now Simon Pure. Simon Pure was the greatest of the Vampires. Being a agent of Heaven he is able to see Sinners and Unholy beings, then he kills them. His latest efforts was to bring about a city wide blood bath that Spawn had to stop.

One of Simon's best traits was his speed. In fact he is so fast that other Vampire that gave Spawn grief, Wolfram, knows he is outclass by Simon.

Cuts his head off with no effort in a Tavern full of people. So he cuts the head off of a top notch Vampire and then sheaths his sword. Whoa!

Simone Pure moves so fast that Spawns Mach+ Speed Chains had trouble tagging this Vampire.

In fact Simon is so strong and fast that he hauled over 800 pounds of dead bodies in front of a police station faster than humans can see.

So fast that even the Security Video Camera frame by frame couldn't catch that! Without the 800+ pounds of dead bodies, and the large visual object he was carrying these bodies, well this makes Simon Pure near Hyper Sonic speedster!

Here Spawn has a run in with more of Simon's horde. He then discoverers Simon and other lying in wait. Spawns does the best he can, however Simon gets away. Now we get to the Final Showdown between Spawn against Simon Pure and his Vampire Horde.

Spawn wins, was there really any doubt? lol.

Spawn in this battle duels a Legendary Samurai with no help of his suit or magic. Straight battle of honor and skill to put this past Hell Spawn to rest.

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@cadencev2: Wow, I'm impressed, fantastic Spawn respect thread. However, when he loses his head, he does die in some fashion. Simmons decapitated himself somewhere around the 200th issue mark when Downing took over (I forget the exact issue, I stopped reading for the nth time after that happened). Given, he did seem to somehow resurrect as the villainous Omega Spawn after that, but it was still made clear that the old Spawn we knew was dead.

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Awesome, you should also make a beginners list for noobs like me, who loves Spawn, but only read a few comics and have no idea where to start.

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Are they writing anything about Spawn nowadays? can't find anything... :(

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This Next Arc is all about Simmons lost of King of Hell Status to Cog.

A new Redeemer is created by Heaven. The strongest one yet, and it tracks Spawn down and proceeds to kill him with its Heavenly power. Spawn is then dragged to his Kingdom of Hell.

Violator has taken prominent strength and control of the Demon Hordes. The Punk Kid that Spawn killed in St Monica likewise leads all the damned souls in rebellion. Spawn is dragged to this Hell at War and is mentally tortured by Violator till Cog and Redeemer frees him.

Once freed, Spawn uses his power to summon the Hell Spawn Army and lay waste to both sides. This unleashing of Spawns Powers cause the entire 8th world of Hell to quack and fracture. Cog had different plans however as he used a piece of Eden to create paradise in Hell. This in turn led to Spawn, who toward the end took the crown of Hell finally, to forsake the title of King of Hell just as quick.

After this Spawn was giving a living body again, however it made him fragile and he had to re learn his powers again.

Spawn faces some Ghost.

Spawn fights a powerful Demon that feeds off of the fear and misery of the Ghost and all in the house.

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I would love to get into this comic, but wouldn't have any idea where to begin. I didn't even know Simmons wasn't Spawn anymore :-/

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The King of the 8th Hell and main General to Hell's armies for Armaggedon. He possesses great power as a King of Hell.

Satan created 9 Worlds of Hell. Malbolgia is the defacto ruler of the 8th Sphere.


To understand how powerful a Hell King is, lets look at the Malbolgia.

1-2) Here he grabs Spawn from outside Time to transport him to the other side of the country.

3) Size increase to a small city!

4-5) A little talk from him as well showing his ability to repair all Spawns damage.

6) Outside of Time he Telepathicly keeps tabs on everything happening on Earth.

7) Recharges Spawn's Necro Meter and sends him back to Earth.

Mammon here shows being a Hell King means to have the power create your own worlds and bring life to them. Mammon himself is also the most Powerful Hell King being the one above Malbolgia!

This was a very powerful Being that Spawn and Angela brought down. On top of that Spawn inherited the power and crown as the King of the 8th Sphere of Hell.


Violator is the Clown sent to push Spawn's buttons to get him to quickly assume the head of Hell's army. He is part of 5 brothers who are famous demons of great power and serve the Malbolgia. In the end only Violator is left.


Wrecks a Truck with ease.


1-2) Uses Power to shut down entire parts of Manhattan of lights.

3) Causes simple gun mechanics to jam!


1) Violator is a Telepathic and can Mind Dominate all of Manhattan!

2) Seems to mentally cause Twitch to have a Heart Attack.

3-4) Invades Cyan's mind to fill her with constant terror, and dig out info of Spawns predicament.

5) Gets into Spawns head from time to time.

6-10) Restores Wynn's Sanity and then Manipulates Wynn's thoughts to his own needs.

11-13) Actually Mentally deceives King of Hell Spawn of all people to force him to surrender power.

14-17) Again shows that TP to mind dominate anyone against their will in a instant and in large numbers.

Fire/Acid Projection

Old Violator like Spawn is extremely Durable and Strong.

Violator vs Knight Hellspawn.

Well that is all I have at the Moment. Hope this enlightens some to the world of Spawn.

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@cadencev2: Hands down my friend..Nice Thread..=)

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What is a good jumping on point?

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Love Spawn (pretty sure you know that but he's awesome enough to warrant repetition) and this is a great thread. Out of curiosity have you checked out the newer Spawn run? After Al is no longer Spawn? I always forget the new guys' name, but I never bothered to check him out.

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@sog7dc: The Todd Mcfarlane Collection Graphic Novels and the Issues from 200+

So really beginning and current.


Love Spawn (pretty sure you know that but he's awesome enough to warrant repetition) and this is a great thread. Out of curiosity have you checked out the newer Spawn run? After Al is no longer Spawn? I always forget the new guys' name, but I never bothered to check him out.

I barely skim the new Spawn titles. Strider92 knows alot about it.

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@cadencev2: I wish some of the DC fans put as much work into respect threads as you do. I take my hate off to you sir.

P.S Shouldn't these threads be in their respective forums? *hint, hint* :P

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Damn, you really went in! Great job man. I've never really got into Spawn, but I loved the animated series. Al Simmons isn't even Spawn anymore from my knowledge, so I don't even bother to read the latest stuff..

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Dude, when you get into something, you freaking get into it. Good job man.

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I would include some on Jim Downing..since imo he's appeared to be the most relevant Spawn so far aside from Simmons and not to mention he's had some good showings with the powers so far such as bursting from the inside of that hell guard or when he sent that chainstorm throughout that vampire nightclub. Also when he sucked out the evil that the suit admitted to putting into the Freak(body possessed by Maelbolgia)was also relevant I suppose. Downing's Spawn is suppose to be even stronger then Simmons's was(partially due to Downing acquiring the suit while being alive compared to Simmons having died as explained by the Clown)and was stated not too long ago in his book that "Whoever controls Spawn controls the universe."

However..McFarlene's been writing it and it's as if the books consist of 90% dialogue and only 10% action.

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@gambit474: I will one day catch up on recent Spawn stuff. However I am limited in the First and Second Age as of now.

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@gambit474: I will one day catch up on recent Spawn stuff. However I am limited in the First and Second Age as of now.

Indeed..However it's good to see someone taking the time to give Spawn some credit again. It hurts me a little inside that this generation doesn't know Spawn as well as back in the 90's..And by that I mean some people still don't even know who he is. Then again that is true for other comic characters nowadays as well since I've overheard people in a movie theater before not know who guys like Thor or Captain America were either

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@cadencev2 said:

@gambit474: I will one day catch up on recent Spawn stuff. However I am limited in the First and Second Age as of now.

Indeed..However it's good to see someone taking the time to give Spawn some credit again. It hurts me a little inside that this generation doesn't know Spawn as well as back in the 90's..And by that I mean some people still don't even know who he is. Then again that is true for other comic characters nowadays as well since I've overheard people in a movie theater before not know who guys like Thor or Captain America were either

People are more interested in what they can post on facebook or tweet about taking a crap than reading Comics :/

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She can shoot Holy Lightning that is strong enough to knock the Dark God Urizen on his butt.


1) Ribbons alone are used in 3 separate comics to keep her warm in Freezing Temperatures.

2) Ribbons used to tangle up the Dark God Urizen.

3) Ribbons used to disarm weapons.

Her ribbons are so strong that they grant here Protection from anything.

1-3) Angela is caught in the Krom. a force of Anti Life, Anti Matter, Anti Creation vortex. Here Heaven Ribbons protect her from the worst of it.

4) Here she spears through the vortex with her Lance, having her Ribbons again absorb the worst of the forces.


She also uses what is called to Flux that can Teleport Herself and others anywhere in Space or Dimensions.

1) Travels to Heaven from Earth via Flux.

2) Angela's Angel Friends Teleport Spawn to Heaven via Flux.


Her Lance is also important tool as it is unbreakable in every showing and kills Un Holy creatures with its touch.

1) Lance Description.

2) Lance brings down Malbolgia in his own realm.

3) Lance one shots Spawn.


Strength wise she is a couple tons and durability wise is same to blunt damage. However she has been vulnerable to slashing weapons.

Battles of Relevance

Here she murders stomp Midevil Spawn.

Her first battle with Simmons was one sided till Plot stepped in. He is a unique Hellspawn, the blast which would have killed a normal Hellspawn in one shot did not affect him the same way.

Here Angela hunts one of the most dangerous game outside of Hell. She handicaps herself by not realying on her Ribbons at all to make this hunt worth the thrill.

Angela teams up with Glory (Amazon Princess in Image) to take down a army of Angels and Amazons.

Angela and Spawn fight their way through Hell with no weapons to start with.

Here Angela fights denizens of this Limbo. She beats them easy enough. Then fights her twin sister Lilith. She owns her pretty handily, feeding her to the Argus. The Argus being the beast created from all the wasted souls of the planet they are on. Which Angela proceeds to easily beat as well.

Here angela fights of two Angelic Hosts. Each Host is 100,000 Angels. So Angela vs 200,000 of her sisters. No contest. Angela then helps Spawn beat down Urizen who is the Dark God of Limbo pretty much, equal to God and Satan in power.

After Urizen, she and Spawn battle Malbolgia in his home turph of the 8th Sphere. She easily does the most butt whopping, however Malbolgia plays possum, which then leaves here open to be impaled by her own Lance. Killing Angela and leaving Image Universe that much emptier place.

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Edits made.

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Shouldn't this be in the Spawn section?

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@pokergeist: But is it true omega spawn can destroy the omniverse ? What is the scan please ?

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@jigen879 said:

@pokergeist: But is it true omega spawn can destroy the omniverse ? What is the scan please ?

I'd say it's more of the multverse.

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You make me proud.