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Are there any?

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Are you referring to characters from Southeast Asia, or characters created and published in Southeast Asia?

As far as characters from SE Asia, I can only think of a few off the top of my head.

Cheshire - DC
Firefly - GI Joe

Ravager's mother is also from Southeast Asia.

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Magnus/Murdock said:
Are there any?
Emmm... same question as Mr.Miracle but for the hell of it
Fillipino heroes and Indonesian heroes 

Fillipino Superman is named Captain Barbell and the Indo Superman is Godam ^^
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@Devilly: Thanks!!
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Magnus/Murdock said:
Are there any?
There's an all new all Japanese team in the DCU called 'The Super Young team' and the first book of their mini-series just hit last month. It's called Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance. It's a pretty good book and should shape up to be something great. All the characters are cool parodies of DCU heroes and are heroes because they see it as a fad and a way to look cool. This series follows their journey to become real heroes. Overall even if you don't care about Asian Heroes you should pick up this book.

Above: Shy Crazy Lolita Canary /Left to Right: Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash, Most Excellent Superbat, Shiny Happy Aquazon, Big Atomic Lantern Boy
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Komodo from the Initiave is from Indonesia

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@Nerx: hahaha her name is Melati just like my neighbor, she looks like her too :)
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Nice to hear that

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My geography is terrible.  I actually had to look up which countries are included in South East Asia.  From Wiki:

Southeast Asia consists of two geographic regions: the Asian mainland, and island arcs and archipelagoes to the east and southeast. The mainland section consists of Burma (Myanmar)CambodiaLaosThailandVietnam and Malaysia (or to be more precise, Peninsular Malaysia). The maritime section consists of BruneiEast TimorIndonesiaMalaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Some definitions include Taiwan at the north. Austronesian peoples predominate in this region. 

That's a lot, but it doesn't include Japan.  MrMiracle77 already mentioned Cheshire, so the only other character I can think of is Karma who is originally from Vietnam.  Well, Karma & her associated family, but her twin brother Tran is dead, Leong & Nga are too young to be heroes, and their uncle General Nguyen is a criminal.

I'm sure there are many more characters from that whole region though.
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@Magnus/Murdock: Welcome o i forgot...

Zaido is a Pinnoy super hero team who actually leeches of Toei`s legendary Metal Hero Franchise (who also helped Saban spawn much better American shows like the Beetleborgs and The VR Troopers). I hate the characters. I hate the Fan boys/girls. and i especially hate the fact that Zaidork Blue is supposed to be a direct descendant from the legendary Shaider and i`m a big Shaider fan so i`m really pissed about that.
And that`s why i was so reluctant about telling about this brown spot on the walkway xD
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ssup Dev