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So yea its getting a reboot. The original sucked (yes im in the 0.000000000001% of nerds that hates the evil dead movies) and i think this might get a fair amount of hate from die hard fans

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Looks uninteresting. I doubt they could capture the mood and atmosphere.

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I liked them when I would watch anything at all like Zombi Flesh Eaters. Tacky old horrors are still better than most direct to dvd releases have been since the mid 80's. But I never kept them on dvd unlike my 1000 or so other favourites.

The remakes today are for the audiences that dont know they existed, they have nothing to do with die hard fans or people of a certain age, generally speaking by how producers cater for the majority audience. I won't be bothering personally but I won't put others off it!

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I'm all for a reboot. Even if it sucks at least it gives some attention to the original franchise "which I love".

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@dtm1980: i like a good chessy zombie hooro as well i have found memories of night of the living dead (i think its that any way) were the zombies literaly say brains. The reason i dont like them is that in high scholl my mate grossly overhyped it and Ash the main badass of army of darknes whitch i saw before evil dead was a completely differnt character. Over all i just thought evil dead was just borring compared to other horror movies of the late 70s and 80s.

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To me "Cabin in the Woods" was all the "Evil Dead" I need. It had the humor and gore that I was looking for.