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I don't get the reason why Sony and Marvel can't just work together. there would be many perks for example: more marvel comic movies would be made. Not just that but, we could see spider-man in the avengers. Could you think of any other good things that could come out of Sony and Marvel working together.

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Because they are two business companies who are too greedy to share profits.

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They could make some pretty epic PS exclusive video games!

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Well, they would have to split the revenue. Spider-Man can make as much money in a solo film as any individual Marvel character.

So that means before it's even considerered, you have to assure Sony that the movie would absolutely make double what a normal Spider-Man movie would make (750M$x2=1.5B$). Then you have to consider Marvel. They can make that in an Avengers movie WITHOUT Spider-Man, so why on Earth would they cut their profits in half just to include him? Also consider letting Spider-Man sit at Sony gives Marvel hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties by doing pretty much nothing.

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pretty sure that they're really close to it....the only thing that stopped the Oscorp tower from appearing in the Avengers movie was that they came to the agreement to late and the movie was already to far along to put it in there