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I have been doing a lot of comic reading lately, since the games industry let me down this year. I intended to just dip my toes in, but fell in head first.

While I love much of the same I did a few years back (Kick Ass, Batman, Walking Dead, The Avengers), it seems the comic industry is the only entertainment industry that I have encountered that is almost entirely dominated by a single genre, the superhero genre. This is why I am looking for something different, as I have a few ongoing superhero comics, and would like some pointers to where I can find something different. This website has treated me very well in up until this point, and has often given me a nice variety of insightful opinions. Rare for any forum.

I am thinking about Dancer, and started Saga today.

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I, Vampire its being written by Scott Snyder the same person whos writing batman right now. i dont read it but, ive been hearing that its really good right now.

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@ratman19: Good plan. I want to stick Court of Owls in a blender and drink it right about now, I like it that much. I forgot how good Batman could be. Might be an idea to check out more from Snyder. Good suggestion.

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  • Transmetropolitan (It's already finished, and it's my number one non-superhero book)
  • Who is Jake Ellis? (soon to be followed by Where is Jake Ellis?)
  • Chew
  • The Strange Talent of Luther Strode (some may consider it a little bit superheroic, it's soon to be followed by The Legend of Luther Strode)
  • The Walking Dead
  • Scott Pilgrim
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Queen and Country

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All-Star Western 

Evil Ernie

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  • The Walking Dead
  • Scott Pilgrim
  • Level Up (by Gene Luen Yang)
  • American Born Chinese
  • Halo series comic books
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Bone. Any real comics fan should read this.

The Five Fists of Science.


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That's my default recommendation.

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Dead at 17.

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Sandman is really good. I also don't count Garth Ennis's Punisher as a superhero. I also think V for Vendetta is fantastic and V isn't a superhero.