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Poll: Solo or Team Titles? (36 votes)

Solo 67%
Team 33%

Which do you prefer? Add why, if you want. Always makes a thread more interesting.

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depends on who writes it, but team is a little bit closer to my heart <3 lmao

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I like them both.

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Solo. The supporting characters are normally enough for me to enjoy a solo book, without the inclusion of lots of other characters. I prefer to get really involved in one, at max two, characters at a time in one book, opposed to a whole team.

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Solo. I feel that way allows better character development.

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I prefer solo.

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I picked team. I like the interaction between the characters and over all team work of it. I like teams of 2 the best it is just more fun in pairs.

I hate it when a team gets to big and they can't seem to focus so I say no more than like 10 members give or take. I think less than 10 is best but that's me.

I read solo stuff too but the best stories all ways have a gust star.

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@dm225 said:

Solo. I feel that way allows better character development.

Mainly this reason. Team books are good but a lot of times it feels like the story is being dragged just so each member can either resolve their differences or succumb to more drama.

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I'm going to say team, because a good ensemble book—although it can be harder to pull off—is really satisfying. That said, most good solo titles have supporting ensembles anyway.

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I read Solo more, but I should read more team books.

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My pull list is made up of more solo titles than team titles so I'll go with solo books.

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Solo titles because some team issues may include a character but may not use them enough in the story.

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*walks into thread*. Oh... titles :(

(But in all seriousness, it depends on the team (& ignoring writing). a great team>all IMO because you get all the all-stars in one book. No "nobodies")

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Usually solos, unless the team is Secret Six.

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I'm currently reading more team titles, but that's probably just because there aren't many solo titles I'd read at the moment.

I like both for different reasons.

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I love both but I voted Teams. Why? Instead of buying 2-3 books of solo series of my favorite characters, I can buy one book that has all 3 as members.