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I'm in love. Pre-ordered immediately!


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Is this based off of an Adi Granov design? I don't know why, but it feels very Granov-y to me.

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That's a big statue... I bet some people could actually fit in the robe.

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It does look cool.

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@dabee: I totally plan on trying on the cloak. He's almost my height!

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@mercy_: I'll ask my pal at Sideshow -- Granov isn't credited officially with the design, but they might just list their in-house guys.

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@missj: I think it may just be because whenever I think of Doom, one of the pieces that Granov did always pops into my head lol

Anyways, congrats on the purchase! It's a badass statue

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Its cool, but I don't the money.

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@mercy_: Thanks! I've been waiting since SDCC '12 to even be able to try ordering it; he's going to guard my living room!