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like how is he with havok, cable, rachel and Vulcan and,corsair. i skipped out on xmen for a few years and they havent touched base on that recently

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Vulcan is dead i think. Idk about corsairs status. Havok i believe is against his brother since cylops is sort of a renegade mutant leader, and havok is the governments lap dog in uncanny avengers. Rachel summers is at the Wolverine and the X-men college, and helped cyclops during AvX, but she is still at the wolverine school. Im not too sure on x-man and cable though.

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Kind of hard to tell since the writers at Marvel are more concerned about putting Scott on America's Most Wanted. The Summers family don't interact nearly as much as they should. When they do, they don't exactly like they're related and their relationships are often left unclear. This is one thing that really bothers me since I like most of the characters. Except Havok. I stopped caring about him when he became Captain America jr.

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his family is boring.

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@awesam: yea havok used to be one of my favs untIl he became a puppet just lIke wolverIne used to be. Its a shame tho because I lIke the summers famIly

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Vulcan and Corsair are dead. So not much going on there. Cyclops and Cable are fine. Cyclops visited him in Cable and the X-Force issue 7 and basically said he's supportive of Nathan and that he will always be on his side. Havok thinks he's psychotic, but Alex is a whiny b*tch. Rachel I know was supportive during AvX. I'm not sure where she stands as far as her opinion of him goes, but she has stayed with Wolverine's school.

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The only relationship I care to give my curiosity when it comes to Scott is his relationship with Cable.