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im looking for something different than what ive already read

ive already read:

daredevil vol 2

a ton of batman, green lantern, and flash

a bunch of spiderman, xmen, avengers, and thor


hellblazer and swampthing

Im looking for something with the modern comic book style that isnt superheroish. i thought about reading sandman but im tired of old comics. im not saying they are bad but they can get a bit wordy slow and boring.

I was looking at fables but ive seen once upon a time and didnt like it so maybe favbles wouldnt be a way to go.

i was also looking at transmetropolitan, bone, 100 bullets, cerebus the aardvark, chew,and x-0 man o war

what do you guys recommend ? oid prefer something that is already finished tho and not a new series thats only 2 issues in.

also how is y rhe last man on earth?

and how is kingdom come?

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Chew is great. I just finished volume 3. It's addicting. But it's still on-going.

Kingdom Come is a timeless series. One of the best.

Y: The Last Man is renowned for being an amazing title too. I just read issue 1 on comixology for free and I'm definitely going to get it in trade so I suggest that too.

All three of those books are great ^

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Eternal Warrior is only 2 issues in.......

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real answer:

Walking Dead

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Pretty Deadly #1 came out last week, and it was good.