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im not new to comics but ive just recently returned to marvel. my current pulls are all new xmen uncanny xmen, venom which is tied for my fav current title, scarlet spider my other fav, superior spiderman which isn't bad, and guardians of the galaxy and secret avengers. so which now titles should i try out i heard thor is fantastic but uncanny xforce is crap now and tried uncanny avengers which I was surprised it sucked so bad since its my fav writer and a lot of my fav characters. So what do you guys reccommend

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Captain Marvel, FF and Avengers Assemble. :)

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Avengers A.I., I hope it's good at least :3

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i don't see x-force as crap . thor god of thunder is good, with uncanny avengers , i was not a fan of the first arc but after issue 5-6 its getting good . really liking the book. A+X is a fun book . Avengers is real good. New avengers ,X-men : legacy , X-men (all female team) are also good . though im a fan of wolverine i would not suggest his solo stuff it kinda stinks .

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Avengers A.I., I hope it's good at least :3

Yes, this too.

If we're allowed to suggest upcoming titles, I also like the look of Mighty Avengers.

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For solos, I'd recommend Captain America, if Remender is your favorite writer, he's doing a great job on Cap, IMO. Captain Marvel KSD is doing a terrific job on the title. Thor: God of Thunder is awesome, IMO

For team books, I would say Uncanny Avengers, but it sounds like you tried it and didn't like it. New Avengers is pretty good, Mighty Avengers might be a good book, there is a lot of potential and promise behind it, but it won't come out until September, IIRC. I actually like Cable and X-force

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@soa: cable,and xforce Is good but uncanny has beem goIng downhIll sInce the fIrst 3 arcs

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Hawkeye and Daredevil are the only two marvel books I buy anymore

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X-Men vol. 4.