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I hate this holiday, but I'm married so I try to make an effort. Some years it's the typical crap from Walmart (chocolate, roses, maybe a card, etc.) Tomorrow I'm going to throw a scavenger hunt in the mix and we'll probably go out and do something we like to do together - like bowling or putt-putt golf. I'll also watch a romantic comedy with her without giving my usual commentary that generally accompanies the most predictable genre ever conceived in all fiction.

If the kids don't wake up, I have a decent shot at getting laid. Unfortunately, the kids have been getting up a lot lately and I've probably got a 50-50 shot.

Curious what my fellow nerds out there have planned.

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Working then me & the GF will probably stay in have a meal delivered watch some TV then if she hasent got a headache some fun before we both fall asleep.

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1 - Break out black book

2 - Decide who to honor with a valentine's day booty-call

3 - Prematurely wear out my mattress springs

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going to work. lol 

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Finish my first otome game.

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I've been creating fun Valentine's Day 'cards' lol

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@BlackPan1her: Those are all kinds of awesome hehehe! XD

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@BumpyBoo said:

@BlackPan1her: Those are all kinds of awesome hehehe! XD

Thanks! :D

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School til 3:45 then traveling for an hour to see my girlfriend and take her out to a fancy dinner then probably getting laid. The effort I make for this girl OI.

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Working. Just another normal day up in here.

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@BlackPan1her said:

@BumpyBoo said:

@BlackPan1her: Those are all kinds of awesome hehehe! XD

Thanks! :D

Hey, anyone who can work the word teabag into a Valentine's Day card gets a follow! :P

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My partner and I had our Valentine's meal the other night, we cooked a big meal together, bit of a feast really, and watched a football match on TV (we're both massive football fans so that was awesome to us.) To be honest we don't make a massive deal out of Valentine's day, we buy each other gifts and have date nights all year round anyway.

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Worked and did some writing is the extent of my day, since I don't have someone to share it with.

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feeding my lonely sorrow with various desserts....:D

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Had a good meal at a pizza bistro, gave my wife-to-be some cupcakes and a valentines day card with a drawing of a plush deadpool. :D

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My baby and I went out for phở and saw Silver Linings Playbook. Awesome movie. Jennifer Lawrence plays cray cray a little too well. I hope that movie wins some Oscars.

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Stabbed fools in Assassins Creed 2.