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I remember a leaked prequel in CBR (which has been removed) of a Old Man Logan that showed panels of betrayals.

Here's some:

Cloak: Betrayed by Dagger for being falsely believed by Skull's forces that they wont kill her.

Iron Man: Poisoned by his girlfriend.

Dr. Strange: Attacked and killed off by Hulk who went crazy shortly before the villains hunted the heroes down.

Iron Fist - Betrayed and killed by Cage who was offered immunity for his family by Skulls men.

Vision - Betrayed by a number of heroes who was desperate and needed immunity from Skull.

Spider-Woman - Attacked by a number of heroes in exchange for immunity from Skull.

Ms. Marvel - Betrayed by SHIELD.

Punisher - Stabbed to death by his neighbor.

Elektra - Shot to death by an unidentified hero.

Ghost Rider - Betrayed by Hulk.

Ares - Attacked by several heroes.

Falcon - Attacked by Hulk and killed.

Daken - Attacked by Cage and Hulk.

She-Hulk - Killed by Hulk after refusing Bruce's advances.

Sentry - Betrayed by Hulk.

Valkyrie - Betrayed by Hulk.

Silver Surfer - Betrayed by Hulk and several others.

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Wow I didn't remember this happened, my memories of this book are still sketchy. With that said its what you expect from Mark Millar.

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Hulk and She-Hulk had kids...I think you're remembering thing wrong.

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I don't know if you're remembering this one right either. I've read mutliple Millar interviews where he has said completely different things about the characters you mentioned in relation to Old Man Logan and none of what you mentioned. Maybe it was what a fan wished had happened, maybe.