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Just something off the top of my head. If comic characters had a costume party who would you see going and what would you see/want them to go as. (and if you have pics or scans that would be fun too!) puns are also acceptable

I thought of this while drawing a superior slenderman and figured that could be spocks costume and then i thought about an xmen story i had as a kid where wolverine was in a clown costume.

dr.doom as dr.who?

I could see blob going as mileys wrecking ball

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Carrie Kelley goes as Robin.

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Superman goes as Batman. Lois as Robin.

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batman goes as alfred and vica versa

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The Hulk goes as Frankenstein

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Deadpool goes as Deathstroke

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Wonder Woman goes as Catwoman.

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The Question goes as Rorschach

Batman goes as Zorro

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I like to think they switch costumes. Superman dresses as Batman, Iron man as Spider-man, etc.

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Deadpool goes as Batman

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Daredevil will go as I am not Daredevil tshirt Matt Murdock.

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Marvel heroes dress as Star Wars characters.

DC heroes dress as Star Trek characters.

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@vitalius said:

Daredevil will go as I am not Daredevil tshirt Matt Murdock.

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Deadpool goes as Darth Vader (he can even take the helmet of and be Vader)

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SpOck goes as Deadpool.

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Everyone goes as Batman, including Batman.

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Green Arrow as Robin Hood oh wait...

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