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So I was rereading Annihilation: Conquest and Conquest: Starlord and I noticed that there Groot was saying things other than his name. Why is it that all of a sudden he went from insulting Rocket repeatedly and condescending everyone around him to just "I AM GROOT!" ?

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Maybe he got brain damage

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@joshmightbe: Well he did get burnt down and regrown as a twig but earlier he grew off a tiny version of himself too but that one spoke with dignity as well. In fact, he was speaking more than ever.

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According to his CV wiki page:

In Guardians of the Galaxy #17, Lord Maximus reveals that while it may sound as if Groot is only able to say "I am Groot!" he is actually saying quite a bit more. He can only say the same phrase because of the condition of his larynx, to truly understand him "you must listen to the sigh of breeze beneath it. The nuance of meaning." Groot is also extremely intelligent with extensive knowledge of quasi-dimensional engineering. With his knowledge, he and Maximus were able to stop Attilan from being consumed by the Fault.

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@Gambler: Yeah, but he was speaking fine in Conquest. In fact, here are some lines he spoke in that one issue. "Feckless mammal-thing! You dare?? You will pay for this indignity! When groot is restored there will be a reckoning!" and "Groot is impressed." and.. you get the point. I'm just wondering why he can't speak full sentences anymore.

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@Adriell2124: I dont know the context nor am I familiar with the issue (or character) but just going off the entry maybe the person(s) he was communicating with were in fact listening to the sight of breezes beneath "I am Groot" and there for he was shown speaking in complete sentences. Thats my best guess.

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@Gambler: Hmm. Seems plausible. Thanks for the answer man.