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Now I know this will probably seem strange to well....probably just about everyone. But I was just thinking, of how both unique and interesting it would be to have more animals in comics, now this would probably be more suited for an Indie thing maybe not the companies DC/Marvel though they too have their own share of animal crime fighters.

I dunno...I mean maybe I just would like to see more then just, a man and a woman, or a boy and girl, or some robotic being doing stuff.

Would it be such a crime to have animals as main characters? I mean folks, we got guys that can fly into space, survive huge explosions, we got gays and lesbians, we got all different sorts of people, we have those that can manipulate time and space.

So is there no room to have animals being in place in comics? Yes we do have some in the DC/Marvel verses but they are more side/supporting characters, but I mean have more ya know? Just because they are animals, doesn't mean they should be looked down upon just cause they can't speak or think like humans can.

More to that, I think it would be rather interesting to have more animals as superheroes. Again I know we have some, but there is always room for more...and I ain't talking about characters like Beast or Cheetah, I am talking about 4 legged animals like Krypto. I know there is also Ch'p, Dex-Star.

But again, they don't need to be DC/Marvel characters could be other comic publishers. Well anyway comment away.

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Pet Avengers

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@jonny_anonymous: Hm...well then, that actually sounds pretty interesting. Exoskeleton super animals? Sick...but I mean like have newer, more recent.

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I will say two words. Rocket Raccoon.

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@wolfrazer: Grant Morrison wrote it, it's one of if not the saddest comic ever wrote.

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Pride of Baghdad, WE3, Mouse Guard, Pet Avengers are animal focused, and Lockheed, Lockjaw and Krypto have all had one off issues in various books where they are the focus character for that issue. I agree OP, comics is a great medium, and animals as protagonists is something that it ca and has done really well. A few GFT Jungle Book books have animals as supporting characters too.

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@jonny_anonymous: Aw really? Ya I see that they died...but I guess what I am more trying to say is, have super animals...and keep them around as main characters instead of just like...dropping them weither through death, or they are just used very rarely. Though that series does look good.

@tikhunt: Mentioned him.