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Who do you think are the all time smartest heroes and villains? Not powers, just intelligence.

My guess on heroes would be Xavier and Batman and Tony Stark just because they're so smart! No one ever fools Batman and Xavier is smarter than most of his opponents because he can read their minds, and Tony was smart enough to invent his own suit.

For villains, I would say and The Brain (from Teen Titans), Trigon, and Hugo Strange. The Brain was ALMOST able to take down all of the Teen Titans, Trigon is an omniscient demon, and Hugo Strange is one of the few people who was able to deduce Batman's identity.

Who do you guys think are the smartest? And give your reasons please.

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Brainiac 5

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villian-Lex luthor.

Reed richards- smartest hero

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Hero - Reed Richards

Villain - Dr. Doom or Thanos

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Hero-the Doctor

Villain- either the Master or the Valenyard

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Depends on how you define "smart". Academic knowledge? Cunning? Experience? Strategic thinking?

In academic knowledge I'm pretty certain that Reed Richards and Doctor Doom are all but peerless.

In cunning, nobody tops John Constantine.

I think Vandal Savage takes it in experience.

Depends on how you define "smart".